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Built in 1627 by Spanish friars, Our Lady of the Purification Church in Binmaley is one of the oldest churches in Pangasinan. The rich cultural aesthetics of this religious landmark mirror centuries-worth of timeless heritage of the town, as its first construction was finished in 1754 by Fr. Barrozo. The first ever vicar to be assigned in Our Lady of the Purification was  Father Tomas Gutierrez by the Dominicans, and this assignment marked the first documentation of this church’s history in 1627.  The Dominicans took care of this church until the revolution in 898. From 1898 to 1932, the Diocesan clergy then took care of the church. During this Diocesan period, the first bishop of Lingayen, Msgr. Cesar Ma Guerrero, accepted the “Society of the Divine Word” (SDW) administration for the proposed school and opened the seminary in January  6, 1932. The artistic and rustic architectural facet of the church is truly a beautiful visual gift to anyone who visits to appreciate the art, history and spiritual atmosphere of this parish. The wide, circular opening of the ceiling by the hundreds-old altar can truly take you to a meditative state, while the old sculptures and chandeliers are visual treats. Some of the attractions also of the church are its very old, well-preserved church bells outside, which date way back from the 1880s. The spacious front yard and backyard are also ideal for long walks filled with heritage and spiritual feel.

Address:  , Binmaley, Pangasinan

Open: Parish Office: 8:00 AM - 12:00 NN, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Fee: None