COFA Naturally Grown Products

Bani, Pangasinan, Philippines

Between its current 72 members, this organization owns 120 hectares of land between them and makes delicious food stuff and other items that are perfect for souvenirs. You have the chance to buy these at the municipality, trade fairs in Manila, or at their center in Bani, where you can witness firsthand how they create their delicious and stunning goods. Their basi (sugarcane wine) is a must-try, along with their zero-preservative peanut butter and specialty spicy suka (vinegar). It’s their bags, however, which are made from cornhusks and organic dyes (sapang or treebark, and kunig or turnip) that truly stand out. Each takes around 3 weeks to make and are priced at around PHP1,400 each, but are extremely durable and showcase the community’s craftsmanship.

Address:   Bani , Pangasinan , Philippines

Hours: Open Everyday

Budget: None

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Bani, Pangasinan, Philippines

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