Lake Venado

Kidapawan City, SOX, Philippines

The name of the lake comes from the Spanish word venado, "deer," owing to the deer-like shape of the lake. However, the people living in the area called the lake Linaw, a Cebuano word for "clear", because its crystal-clear waters reflect the peak of Mount Apo. Local tribes believe the lake to be enchanted, inhabited by spirits. Lake Venado is an endorheic lake located at the foot of Mount Apo in the province of North Cotabato, Mindanao, Philippines. It is the second highest lake in the country. The vicinity of the lake is a popular camping site for mountaineers en route to and coming down from the peak of Mount Apo, the Philippines' highest mountain.

Address: Mt. Apo Kidapawan City , SOX , Philippines

Hours: Open Everyday

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Kidapawan City, SOX, Philippines

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