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Sea turtles or pawikan can be found in Maitum, Sarangani specifically at the Pawikan Nesting Sanctuary founded in 2003.The Maitum Pawikan Conservation and Protection Center is a joint project of LGU Maitum and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). 
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Nearby attractions

Morong Park and Flores Marcia's Canteen
11.34 km away

Stationed along the stretch of Morong Road, Morong Park is an ideal stopover to travelers on a road trip in Subic. While covering a small area, the park is cozy, shaded by great old trees, and equipped with the basic of amenities necessary for accommodating stopovers: an unpaved parking space, one gazebo, several picnic tables, a toilet, and a number of peddlers selling dried fish and local sweets. Next to the parking space is a roofed porch housing the casual dining tables of Flores Marcia's Canteen, known to seasoned Subic travelers for serving affordable hot meals.
Flores Marcia's Canteen dishes up samples of Filipino cooking such as adobo, tinola, sinigang, ginataan, and pinakbet. All thoughtfully seasoned to taste using fresh local produce, these native favorites are ordered with rice, completing a lunch that costs as low as P60. For quick bites or after-meal snacks, there are peanut-butter sandwiches, and an assortment of chips and candies. The canteen also stocks grocery items including instant coffee, juice, sugar, eggs, shampoo, bath soap, and so on.
Owned by the cook herself, Manolita "Ate Ning" Marcia, Flores Marcia's Canteen started as a roadside business retailing lunch in plastic bags. It grew alongside the development of Morong Park in 2000. Today, Flores Marcia's Canteen is busy with diners in typical afternoons. The canteen also provides bulk orders of packed lunch to excursionists, which must be ordered at least two days in advance.

Ocean Adventure
13.28 km away

Sandwiched in between the region's rainforest and the sweeping expanse of Subic Bay, Ocean Adventure is more than just the Philippines' only open-sea marine attraction. Ocean Adventure is a 20,000-hectare open water shelter to sea lions, turtles, and several species of dolphin, including Bottlenose, Rough-toothed, Pantropical spotted, and false killer whale--creatures who were rescued and unlikely to survive in the seas. The park has four feature shows namely Dolphin Friends, Sea Lion Marine Patrol, Walk on the Wild Side, and Balancing Act.
Dolphin Friends, the main feature, highlights the mammal's intelligence and sensitivity. From tiered seats, you are treated to graceful acrobatic demonstrations of dolphins, presented with an interesting narrative. Meanwhile, various interaction programs encourage you to get intimate with these marine creatures, ranging from a 45-minute Swim with Dolphins (P3,700/head, bring your own swimwear) to a half-day long Animal Trainer Adventure (P5,500/head) that involves learning cues to communicate with dolphins.
Sea Lion Marine Patrol and Walk on the Wildside are other animal shows, which showcase sea lions and forest animals from a local animal rescue organization (Wildlife in Need), respectively. The park also hosts an international show where world-class acts perform for a limited time. In the meantime, as of Travelibre's visit in late 2013, this features Balancing Act, putting a spotlight on elite acrobats from Kenya, who display astonishing strength and agility through balancing dance routines.
Founded in 2001 by animal behaviorist professionals and marine research specialists, Ocean Adventure is where both humans and animals participate in providing a meaningful holiday entertainment.

JEST Camp Adventure & Bird Park
15.50 km away

Jungle Environmental Survival Training (JEST) Camp & Bird Park is a destination where a true outdoorsman is born. Originally known as the toughest of survival schools in the late 1960s, its first graduates were Vietnam War veterans who, when captured, escaped and found refuge in a forest where their jungle survival training kept them alive for weeks.
JEST Camp provides jungle survival certification with courses in scouting and survival, ranging from the most basic three-hour training (P450/head, minimum of five participants) to the intensive three-day program (P1,099/head, minimum of 10; bring your own camping equipment, food, and bolo), and to beginners as young as 11 years old (P650/head, minimum of 10). Conducted in the surrounding wilderness, the courses emphasize living in harmony with nature.
Besides a jungle survival school, JEST Camp is also a two-hectare bird park structured like a junction, where attractions sit right next to each other. Although small, the park is well-shaded by trees, making a suitable habitat for the 500 birds it houses. The birds come from 40 different species such as Hornbill, Toucan, Golden Amherst, and several breeds of fancy pigeons like Fantail, Frillback, and Jacobin.
The main attraction is the Walk-in Aviary where you will find a number of free flying birds, among them are playful Sun Conures waiting to fly over and perch atop your head and shoulders to steal a peck or two. Other attractions include Butterfly Garden, Bonsai Fairy Garden, and an interactive museum. Separate activities are available as well: a swing over a cliff overlooking Subic Bay (P200/head) and aerial obstacles that are done from tree to tree (P300/head).
Since JEST Camp Adventure & Bird Park's privatization in 2011, the park has been undergoing development, including the amphitheater, restaurant, and viewdeck, which will make them unique venues for functions and celebrations

Things to do nearby

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar Heritage Walking Tour in Bataan

  • Experience culture and enriching walking tour at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bataan 
  • Walk with our dedicated storytellers in an immersive look at each casa’s story as shared by knowledgeable tour guides
  • Experience a unique heritage community that is rich in history and culture
  • Listen to the story and imagine each building as puzzle pieces, that when put together, reveals a larger picture of what the Philippines was

Yacht Cruise in Subic
19.01 km away

A 12 hour overnight stay in one of our yachts where we will take you on a 1-hour cruise to Grande Island and from there you and your guests can hang out, party and sleep. You can host your simple gathering or have an intimate dinner. 

Where to stay

Landrina Escape
Hotels and homes
1.27 km away

Named after a tropical plant known for its soothing properties, Landrina Escape is just that—a peaceful retreat situated on a private coast along The Strand Subdivision in Morong, Bataan. 

Only a 3-hour steady drive from Manila, the 1,700sqm exclusive property is a nod to the charming and laid-back aesthetic of The Hamptons. Two-bedroom and one-bedroom villas are thoughtfully designed to accommodate a group of friends or family of up to 12 guests.

Each light-filled suite features wide living spaces, comfortable bedrooms with walk-in closets and sizeable bathrooms, well-equipped open kitchens ideal for home cooking or even outdoor grilling, and individual plunge pools for a relaxing getaway. 

?Landrina is also just a two-minute walk to the beach, where you can enjoy an endless stretch of sand or take a dip in its clear waters.

Bataan White Corals Beach Resort

We are located in the North Philippines Morong, Bataan. About 150 kilometers from Manila. White Corals provides a very relaxing experience with a tropical atmosphere and greenish ambiance. We have more than 91 guest rooms.?Established in 2006, Bataan White Corals Beach Resort has been continuously known as one of the premier destination in Morong, Bataan. Unlike many other resorts in the area, we offer harmonious experience, creating a feeling of staying in Home away from Home ambiance. With the management's vision of creating a family oriented atmosphere, the building and room design were conceptualized and named after family member such as TATAY, NANAY, and ANAK rooms.

Playa La Caleta
Hotels and homes
6.08 km away

Playa La Caleta (which means “Beach Cove”) or PLC for short, is an eco-tourism resort with a 100-hectare cove. Located in the municipality of Morong in the province of Bataan, it has a 1-kilometer white sand beach at the front, lush mountain jungle/forest in the middle and 3 waterfalls at the back. On the left side of the cove is also a 1-hectare islet, called Miguelito Island.PLC accommodations include ocean-view beach cottages & gazebos, air-conditioned beach rooms and camping tents. For day trip guests, picnic tables are available. Outdoor activities include hiking trails, mountain biking, kite flying, beach volleyball, football and badminton. Water sport activities include kayaking, stand-up paddling, 75-foot water slide, snorkeling, cliff jumping, windsurfing, skim boarding, body boarding and surfing. The Scarborough restaurant, Shark bar and Coconut cafe are also available for food & beverage.PLC advocates sustainable tourism through its monthly beach cleanups, eco-camps, eco-brick program, ban on single use plastic, tree planting, marine turtle, giant clam & resident eagle conservation efforts.

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