Siok Falls

Koronadal City, SOX, Philippines

Koronadal rich natural resource invites nature lovers to come, enjoy, experience and appreciate nature as a relaxing treat or take the challenge of plunging into a river adventure cum mountain climbing. Our Siok Waterfalls Forest Adventure in B/Mabini offers extreme river trekking and river adventure that will surely satisfy those who are up for an experience barely touched by human intervention. Our Supon and Millennium Falls, Mambucal Spring, and Cadidang Caves also offer just the same – fun, adventure, nature.
Our more or less 5-hectare Rizal Park, located at the heart of the city, offers a great venue for various activities. It also features a children’s playground with different recreational facilities for kids to enjoy and a unique letter standees of Koronadal City for a perfect photo op. With fully grown trees, it is a great place for recreation and relaxation.

Address: Sitio Siok Rd, Koronadal City , SOX , Philippines

Hours: Open Everyday

Budget: N/A

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Koronadal City, SOX, Philippines

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