Battery Grubbs in Corregidor Island

Cavite City, Cavite, Philippines

Battery Grubbs is a unique gun battery among the 23 batteries in Corregidor Island. It features two 10-inch disappearing guns that would rise up to view, fire at an enemy as far as Bataan peninsula, and retreat back into hiding. Unlike the other batteries on the island, Battery Grubbs has a Spanish-style arch entrance, and a breezy panoramic view of isets La Mongja and Kisses, and Bataan's Marvilles mountain range. The battery was named after First Lt. Hayden Grubb, 6th US Infantry, who died during the insurrection in the Philippines in 1899.

Address: Corregidor Island Cavite City , Cavite , Philippines

Hours: 7:30am daily, Manila-Corregidor Ferry; 2:30pm daily, Corregidor-Manila Ferry.

Budget: P2,350

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Cavite City, Cavite, Philippines