Lake Agco Mud Spa | Things to do in Kidapawan City-Cotabato

Coined as the ‘Garden of Eden’ of Kidapawan city. Its one of the most visited scenic spots at the foot of Mt. Apo. Surrounded by mountain ranges, Mount Apo is a protected area and is the top climbing destination in the country. Lake Agco is located 1,250 meters above sea level in Ilomavis Village around 25 kilometers from the city proper of Kidapawan. The hot mud and water meet with cold water at this elevation level. Resorts managements combine the hot and cold to create pools and Jacuzzis with controlled temperature and fit for dipping and bathing.
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Address: Mt. Apo Natural Park,, Kidapawan City, Cotabato
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Nearby attractions

Lake Venado
5.41 km away

The name of the lake comes from the Spanish word venado, "deer," owing to the deer-like shape of the lake. However, the people living in the area called the lake Linaw, a Cebuano word for "clear", because its crystal-clear waters reflect the peak of Mount Apo. Local tribes believe the lake to be enchanted, inhabited by spirits. Lake Venado is an endorheic lake located at the foot of Mount Apo in the province of North Cotabato, Mindanao, Philippines. It is the second highest lake in the country. The vicinity of the lake is a popular camping site for mountaineers en route to and coming down from the peak of Mount Apo, the Philippines' highest mountain.

Tausuvan Falls
6.13 km away

A crystal clear 30-meter waterfalls with a naturally-formed tranquil pool where everyone can enjoin the beauty of nature. Enjoy the cool breeze outdoor ambiance of Tawsuvan Eco-Tourism Zone and Resort and gear yourself for an overnight camping.The Tawsuvan, or more popularly known as Bongolanon Falls, in one of the popular destinations in Magpet town, which sits on the foot of Mt. Apo.  It’s lush surroundings make it a perfect getaway for adventure seekers.

Mt. Apo
6.29 km away

Conquer the highest peak in the Philippines: Mt. Apo . This majestic mountain is also a home of the endangered Philippine Eagle, the country’s national bird.  Mt. Apo is surrounded by moss-covered century-old trees, captivating flora and fauna, sulfur crater and massive boulders. It is one of the most popular summer destinations in Mindanao.Mt. Apo, with a total land area of 72,769 hectares of tropical rainforest, is declared natural park.  It has an elevation of  2,956 meters above sea level.

Where to stay

Eva's Hotel
Hotels and homes
14.87 km away

Nestled at the foot of majestic, Mt. Apo lies Eva’s Hotel, where haven of serenity meets the ambiance of relaxation, comfort and excellent services right at the heart of Kidapawan City. The foundation of our thrust is basically no more than what our guest’s satisfaction is all about. The reason why we’ve equipped and incorporate the best amenities, facilities, services.

What our guest deserves, is ultimately our far most concern, the sublime satisfaction of our intention can only be manifested with the most siren smile of all our guests at times of their stay. And as our guest experienced the distinctive services we’d been known of by then could attest seniority of these claims.

Eden Nature Park and Resort
Hotels and homes
19.65 km away

Unwind and get close to nature at this resort in Davao. This place invites you to take a breather away from the hustle and bustle of the city, while still offering you the basic amenities you need. Whether you’re looking for a new adventure, in a new town or a quiet respite from your busy schedule, this relaxing getaway has you covered.

Eden Nature Park & Resort
Hotels and homes
19.65 km away

In our quest to provide you a time of your life when you visit Eden, we make sure that every bit of chance you take would be through its offered experiences!Become acquainted with nature and indulge in an authentic mountain experience – marked by cool crisp mountain air while enjoying the spectacular views of pine trees which  exquisitely blend well with its background.How many new adventures can you experience over a lifetime? What number would you give it? The answer is indefinite, given the infinite possibilities within this 80-hectare resort and your imagination, for you to explore.Eden invites you to take it easy in a private leisure where you can savor quality and intimate moments with family, catch up on your reading or simply sit back and entertain your thoughts.Beyond street dances, arts and festivals, Tinubdan presents a window to take a peek of the lives lived by our Mindanaon ancestors. Tinubdan gives you entirely new appreciation of cultural treasures.Food found in abundant flavors in the careful preparation of natural fresh raw ingredients, in the specialties of this extraordinary marriage between local and international recipes.Embrace each other amidst the luxury of romantic balcony rooms, feel miles away from all your daily worries and cherish time with the one you love.Experience it all at Eden!

Getting there and around

Mt. Apo Natural Park,, Kidapawan City, Cotabato

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