Mag-asawang Bato | Things to do in Bailen-Cavite

Mag-asawang Bato, Bailen, Cavite, Philippines
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Mag-asawang Bato got its name from a pair of giant boulders situated in the middle of the river. The boulders are also known as "Paliguang Aso" (bath for dogs) among the locals, although dogs are rarely spotted bathing there. Fed by tributaries in Alfonso and Bailen, the river was once a hydroelectric energy source that powered a nearby rice mill. Today, only the moss-covered ruins of the dam remain. Mag-asawang Bato is located just below the Barangay Hall of Poblacion Dos. Visitors have to go down a long flight of stairs with about 160 steps to reach the river. It's a good spot for picnics, swimming, and river trekking.

Address: Brgy. Hall, Poblacion II, Bailen, Cavite

Open: Everyday, open 24 hours.

Fee: Free