Philippine Science Centrum | Things to do in Marikina City-Metro Manila

Philippine Science Centrum in Marikina Philippine Science Centrum in Marikina Philippine Science Centrum in Marikina Philippine Science Centrum in Marikina Philippine Science Centrum in Marikina Philippine Science Centrum in Marikina
This interactive science museum features over a hundred hands-on exhibits to promote self-discovery. Divided to ten themed galleries, it is the perfect venue for educational activities recognized by the Department of Education, Department of Science and Technology, and the Department of Tourism.Aside from the museum tour, the Philippine Science Centrum also offers trainings, seminars, and workshops to promote learning through science and technology.  

In an effort to reach the rural areas, they formed Traveling Exhibits, which bring science education to other provinces in the country. These exhibits-on-wheels have traveled to over 150 towns and cities nationwide. Science enthusiasts, educators, and mentors outside Manila are encouraged to bring the Traveling Exhibits to their hometown by hosting one. This will create more opportunities for students in other regions and help bridge the gap of education in the country.
Open: Monday to Saturday, 8am - 5pm
Address: E-Com Bldg., Riverbanks Center, Barangka , Marikina City, Metro Manila
Fee: P130.00 | Children below 2 yrs old, and teachers with ID get in for free
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Nearby attractions

Marikina Shoe Gallery
0.27 km away

Marikina Shoe Gallery houses the biggest pair of shoes in the world. Certified by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2002, the shoes measure 5.29 meters long, and took 77 days to finish. Made of genuine leather, the same pair can produce approximately 250 pairs of regular-sized shoes. Other than this display, Marikina Shoe Gallery showcases locally made shoes for sale. Created by both regular shoemakers and established shoe designers, the shoes displayed range from flipflops and sandals, to clogs and wedges, down to stilettos and boots.

Everlasting and Rellenong Bangus
0.91 km away

Everlasting is similar to embutido but in the shape of a llanera (an ovalshaped tin mould). It is Marikina’s version of the meatloaf, made with pork, hard-boiled eggs, red bell pepper strips and chorizo. The most highly recommended restaurant for everlasting in Marikina is Mama Ting’s, a small take-out shop. Mama Ting’s is also known for her Rellenong Bangus: deep fried milkfish stuffed with minced milkfish meat, carrots, potato, raisins, capsicum, pickles and spices. It comes in three sizes: regular, medium and jumbo. Generously stuffed and full of flavor, this is arguably the best rellenong bangus in Marikina if not Metro Manila.

Marikina River Park
1.54 km away

Marikina River Park lies next to the Marikina River, a catch basin of rainwater in Metro Manila. While it's the first to pop up in the news due to devastating floods, Marikina River could be charming, if not harassed by typhoons. Marikina River Park is open for picnic, running, biking, skating (it has a dedicated skating rink), and camping. The park also features the feminist statue "The Filipina Leader Soars High" by Juan Sajid Imao, the Filipino sculptor who built the immense Lapu-Lapu sculpture in Rizal Park, Manila. A few meters from the park is the towering statue of Maria Quina, a legendary woman who possessed sublime beauty and kindness. The lady statue, as well as the white carabao statue nearby, works as a rough measurement to calculate the depth of an incoming flood. Once the water reaches Maria Quina’ neck, nearby residents are alerted to evacuate to higher land.

Things to do nearby

Marikina Discovery Tour
Art and culture
1.39 km away

  • Explore historical landmarks and learn about the rich heritage of shoemaking
  • Meet local shoemakers and artists/culture keepers
  • Check Marikina’s famous kakanin's and local delicacies
  • Get access to good shoe bargain and makers who can customized shoes for you.

Tipsy Tales Lambana – An Immersive Folklore Experience

  • Experience your own dark whimsical fairy tale in this intimate hour-long show where actors lead you to explore a trippy dream-like world and play out a story that will surpass your wildest dreams. 
  • Descend into the world of Lambana where Filipino Folklore comes to life. Here, you’ll discover the heart and dark melancholy of stories that you have undoubtedly heard of before but never experienced.
  • Meet the fascinating characters first hand. Share your story with them and they, in turn, will take you on a one of a kind journey through enchanted forests and mermaid infested coves. 

Art in Island: 3D Interactive Art Museum
Fun with kids
2.66 km away

  • Bring your friends and family to the biggest 3D art museum in Asia!
  • Wander around the museum's 12 different zones and interact freely with all the paintings
  • Pose like a boss! Use your creativity and imagination to take the most amusing and memorable photos
  • Catch the Art in Island's 3D Media Art Show - the first in the Philippines!

Where to stay

Studio 89 Katipunan QC
Hotels and homes
1.00 km away

Located around 10-15 min drive to Ateneo De Manila, Miriam College, UP Diliman, CCA, ISCAHM and UP Town Center Mall, The Studio 89 Residences is strategically located near several of Metro Manila’s top educational institutions and one of the premiere malls of our country – UP Town Center.Here, we aim to provide a convenient and comfortable accommodation – where our guests can experience both comfortable accomodation and warm service.Recognizing the importance of a safe, comfortable and yet affordable accommodation for our guests and students, we have made it our purpose to provide a secure, comfortable and an inviting environment where our guests can thrive and focus on their personal, academic and social pursuits. We offer rooms that are designed to meet your standards for comfort and value for money.Should you choose to explore other parts of Metro Manila, we are also located near LRT2 Katipunan Station (6-min walk, 450m). Additionally, tricycles are stationed in front of our building – providing easy and convenient access to nearby campuses and surrounding points of interests.Because you deserve the best, we mission is to provide excellent quality service, exceed your expectations and render true Filipino Hospitality. Allow us to be a part of your success. Here at The Studio 89 Residences, let us secure your future in style.

Oracle Hotel and Residences
Hotels and homes
1.33 km away

As the first business boutique hotel in Quezon City, we offer you outstanding service and unparalleled convenience for a truly delightful experience. With comfortable rooms showcasing chic interiors,carefully selected furnishing,finest quality sheets and orthopedic beds , with a menu of service designed for the modern executive.
We offer versatile venue for meetings,conferences, weddings and other social gatherings choosing from a range of menu personally prepared by our resident chef and package options to suit your preferences and requirements.

Oracle Hotel and Residences' unparalleled comfort comes from knowing you have everything you need within reach.

  • Advanced electronic lock system
  • 24-hours Wi-Fi Internet access
  • Flat-screen televisions with 24-hour cable channels (w/ HD Channels)
  • Gym

Soleste Suites
Hotels and homes
1.75 km away

Experience the warmest welcome Manila has to offer.

As a small and independent hotel run by people who love to travel, Soleste Suites cares for you the way we would an honored houseguest, within the comfort of a hotel designed with you in mind.

With all the other creature comforts and small surprises to make your stay one to remember, you won’t have to worry about a thing. We prepare practically everything you need, and then some.

When we say “feel at home,” we mean it; and we’ll do all we can to make sure you do.

It’s time to book a visit. We can’t wait to have you. And when you leave, rest assured that we can’t wait to have you back.

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E-Com Bldg., Riverbanks Center, Barangka , Marikina City, Metro Manila

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