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This interactive science museum features over a hundred hands-on exhibits to promote self-discovery. Divided to ten themed galleries, it is the perfect venue for educational activities recognized by the Department of Education, Department of Science and Technology, and the Department of Tourism.Aside from the museum tour, the Philippine Science Centrum also offers trainings, seminars, and workshops to promote learning through science and technology.  

In an effort to reach the rural areas, they formed Traveling Exhibits, which bring science education to other provinces in the country. These exhibits-on-wheels have traveled to over 150 towns and cities nationwide. Science enthusiasts, educators, and mentors outside Manila are encouraged to bring the Traveling Exhibits to their hometown by hosting one. This will create more opportunities for students in other regions and help bridge the gap of education in the country.
Open: Monday to Saturday, 8am - 5pm
Address: E-Com Bldg., Riverbanks Center, Barangka , Marikina City, Metro Manila
Fee: P130.00 | Children below 2 yrs old, and teachers with ID get in for free
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Nearby attractions

Marikina Shoe Gallery
0.27 km away

Marikina Shoe Gallery houses the biggest pair of shoes in the world. Certified by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2002, the shoes measure 5.29 meters long, and took 77 days to finish. Made of genuine leather, the same pair can produce approximately 250 pairs of regular-sized shoes. Other than this display, Marikina Shoe Gallery showcases locally made shoes for sale. Created by both regular shoemakers and established shoe designers, the shoes displayed range from flipflops and sandals, to clogs and wedges, down to stilettos and boots.

Marikina River Park
1.54 km away

Marikina River Park lies next to the Marikina River, a catch basin of rainwater in Metro Manila. While it's the first to pop up in the news due to devastating floods, Marikina River could be charming, if not harassed by typhoons. Marikina River Park is open for picnic, running, biking, skating (it has a dedicated skating rink), and camping. The park also features the feminist statue "The Filipina Leader Soars High" by Juan Sajid Imao, the Filipino sculptor who built the immense Lapu-Lapu sculpture in Rizal Park, Manila. A few meters from the park is the towering statue of Maria Quina, a legendary woman who possessed sublime beauty and kindness. The lady statue, as well as the white carabao statue nearby, works as a rough measurement to calculate the depth of an incoming flood. Once the water reaches Maria Quina’ neck, nearby residents are alerted to evacuate to higher land.

Sentrong Pangkultura Gallery (Bahay na Bato)
1.62 km away

The Bahay na Bato (translated as "House Made of Stone") in Marikina City is a Spanish heritage site declared as a National Shrine in 1968. More than 200 years old, Bahay na Bato bore witness to the first pair of shoes ever designed in Marikina City. On an average day, its two restaurants, Cafe Kapitan Restaurant and Cocina, are busy with foodies. In other occasions, the entire building is bristling with viewers watching cultural events involving visual arts, performance poetry, or music. The stone edifice is owned by Kapitan Moy, who is considered to be the Father of the Shoe Industry in the Philippines. The second floor, called the Museo ng Musica, is available for private lease on special events like weddings, birthdays, and debuts.

Things to do nearby

Tipsy Tales Lambana – An Immersive Folklore Experience

  • Experience your own dark whimsical fairy tale in this intimate hour-long show where actors lead you to explore a trippy dream-like world and play out a story that will surpass your wildest dreams. 
  • Descend into the world of Lambana where Filipino Folklore comes to life. Here, you’ll discover the heart and dark melancholy of stories that you have undoubtedly heard of before but never experienced.
  • Meet the fascinating characters first hand. Share your story with them and they, in turn, will take you on a one of a kind journey through enchanted forests and mermaid infested coves. 

Marikina Premium Tour (Shoe Capital of the Philippines)

  • Take advantage of the sights of Marikina City, the Shoe Capital of the Philippines. 
  • Visit several museums; including the Marikina Shoe Museum that holds the largest collection of shoes in the country, Book cum Ethnology Museum and more.
  • Spend the day at this interesting city of history and pop and take home custom-designed shoes specially made by Marikina Shoe Artisans and Shoe Designers.

Metro Manila Shopping Tour
4.91 km away

  • Challenge your haggling skills and sharp eye as you step into three of the must-visit shopping meccas in the metro!
  • Dapitan specializes in novelty house decors and furniture that is both affordable and unique and they stock up on novelty Christmas decors during the holidays! Divisoria is the ultimate shopping destination for those looking to strike up an incredible bargain that will give you the most bang for your buck. Greenhills is famous for the replicas of high-end products that you can buy at a cheap price. End your exhausting day with a big bite of all Filipino Food buffet in Guevarra's Restaurant.
  • It's true, Filipinos love a good bargain, and these mega shopping malls can attest to how fun, unforgettable, and unique shopping is in the Philippines. Strike up a bidding war and haggle to your heart's content in our Metro Manila Shopping Tour!

Where to stay

Microtel by Wyndham-Acropolis

No matter how familiar things and places seem sometimes, there’s always a possibility of being pleasantly surprised by them. And Microtel by Wyndham – Acropolis in Quezon City proves this true.

Behold our hotel in Libis, Quezon City, Philippines ? marvelously set across the vibrant Eastwood City ? as it evokes a unique sense of sophistication that feels homey and welcoming. Emerging as one of the most favored standard abodes in the metropolis, it presents reasonably priced accommodations matched with excellent facilities and services. The hotel prides itself as the first green infrastructure in the area, utilizing environmentally sensitive equipment and ecologically friendly strategies.

Boasting a prime location near the pulsating commercial and entertainment hub, the hotel promises an enthralling holiday experience to any savvy traveler. And with a convenient address, you will certainly have an easy time exploring other fascinating attractions nearby.

With all these desirable features, each stay at Microtel by Wyndham – Acropolis in Libis, Quezon City becomes a constant, continuous delight.

Hotels and homes
2.93 km away

Dormitos aims to provide high quality yet affordable accommodations to the working Filipinos.We believe that everyone should have access to clean, modern, and safe living spaces. Being the first and only in the Philippines to offer private pods, Dormitos is redefining the concept of dormitory in the country.

The Cirque Serviced Residences

The Cirque is a different kind of staycation address you won’t find anywhere else- with a perfect balance of modernity, stillness and eco-green living.You’ll see in our interiors that there’s always a strong relationship between design elements and nature. All our rooms have Eco- carat tiles that transform the air quality so that it becomes as clean and breathable as that of a park. Believing one should be in harmony with one’s environment, allow us to let you have your best rest and sleep in our Norwegian designed rooms.With relaxed style and quiet simplicity, you’ll definitely want to stay longer and more often.

Getting there and around

E-Com Bldg., Riverbanks Center, Barangka , Marikina City, Metro Manila

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