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For an extra-scenic adrenaline rush, try out this zipline. It’s a bit of a trek (and uphill at that) to the starting point, but you’ll want to wake and warm your muscles up anyway. After all, you’ll be flying across the sky at top speed, and that’s something you’ll want your entire body to be alert for. Like most ziplines, you can choose how you want to do it, whether it’s the less-daunting sitting style, or the bolder superman style that will have you dangling from the hips and holding on to nothing. However you choose to do it, make sure you keep your eyes open and take in as much of the view as you can! The 750m-long zipline can ferry you from Corong-Corong to Depledet Islet in just under a minute. A one way ride costs P500, after which you can just take a 10-minute walk through rocks and shallow waters back to Corong-Corong. If you want to fly your way back, the round trip costs P800.

Address: Corong-Corong, El Nido, Palawan

Open: Open everyday; 8am to 5pm

Fee: P500 one way, P800 roundtrip