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Before 1999, Nagkalit-kalit Falls in Pasadena was a local secret, with only a trickle of visitors coming in via word-of-mouth recommendations. Things changed after Palawan local Sylvia Cervantes had a chance encounter with a lost tourist, who gave her the idea to bring in more travelers by offering guided tours. Almost 20 years later, the trickle has turned into a steady stream of tourists eager to see the falls. In a twist of irony, the falls actually got its name for being a favored venue where couples have their romantic trysts away from prying eyes. “Nagkalit-kalit” is a mixture of Cuyunon and Bisaya. In Tagalog, it translates to “Nagsaglit”, which means “taking a moment”, which in this case is a moment for some romance. In another twist of irony, getting to the falls definitely takes more than a moment. To be precise, it takes about a 45-minute trek through streams, slippery stones, and some steep rocks. But the sight of the falls is well worth it, particularly after you take a dip in the pool. The cool, strong gush of waters is enough undo to any knots in your hardworking muscles, while the whitewater view can calm even the most stressed minds.

Address: Pasadena, El Nido, Palawan

Open: Open everyday

Fee: P10 per head entrance fee, P400 for a tour guide