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GSIS Museum in Pasay City GSIS Museum in Pasay City GSIS Museum in Pasay City
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GSIS Museum of Art, or GSIS Museo ng Sining, is famous for its two notable masterpieces, which are Fernando Amorsolo’s “History of Music” (1931) and Juan Luna’s “The Parisian Life” (1892). The two artists are iconic giants in the Philippine art industry. Besides these two paintings and other works from established painters, the museum has a diverse collection of visual art from the colonial period up to the present. A majority of the artworks come from budding artists and winners of the annual GSIS Art Competition. Other than paintings and murals, the museum displays sculptures, installations, religious art, and even antiques, cultural decorative items, and some pieces of furniture. Established in 1996, GSIS Museum of Art was created to develop an appreciation of Philippine visual arts. Apart from the free viewing of artworks, the museum also hosts art activities, workshops, performances, special tours, and film viewing, mostly for free.

Address: GSIS Main Office, Financial Center (CCP Complex-D.Macapagal Avenue), Pasay City, Metro Manila

Open: Tuesday - Saturday, 8am - 4:30pm

Fee: Free