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Sto. Niño Parish Church in Mabini, Pangasinan, Philippines | Photo by Nelo Manzo Sto. Niño Parish Church in Mabini, Pangasinan, Philippines | Photo by Nelo Manzo Sto. Niño Parish Church in Mabini, Pangasinan, Philippines | Photo by Nelo Manzo
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Also known as the Mabini Church, this Roman Catholic house of worship is a historical relic and architectural artifact. Established in 1830, the ancient structure was designed in early renaissance style. It has survived its fair share of wars and natural calamities, including several great floods that deeply submerged parts of the building, a fire that began with a stroke of lightning, and a massive earthquake. Though the church’s interiors are much simpler today, its former grandeur replaced with a rather more utilitarian aesthetic, it is nevertheless a testament to faith that it continues to stand and that the faithful still find their solace within its walls.
Open: Everyday, 8am-5pm. Open on holidays.
Address: Sto. Niño Street, Barangay Poblacion, Mabini, Pangasinan
Fee: Free
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Nearby attractions

Balincaguin River in Mabini
0.19 km away

While the town shares this river with other municipalities in the province, most of the river's major branches can be found in Mabini, where it is frequented by locals who take advantage of the riverbanks in the summer to cool down and have picnics. Tourist activities on the river are soon to be launched - a Swim-Bike-Row tour is in the works, as well as a river cruise. In the meantime, those who are looking for love may also want to pay the river a visit: locals jokingly call it "the river of no return" as those who cross the river from the neighboring town always seem to end up marrying residents of Mabini.

Cacupangan Cave System in Mabini
2.67 km away

Named after the Cupang tree that filled the Mabini landscape in the 80s, the Cacupangan Cave System is a four kilometer stretch filled with breathtaking stalactite and stalagmite formations, delicately carved out by nature over centuries. Getting to the cave entrance means having to walk through a rough road with slightly threatening sharp rocks and slippery mud trails, but once inside the cave, the path strangely becomes less scary as the rocks underfoot become smoother and relatively more stable. Of course, those who go through the cave still have to be careful not to disturb the snakes, scorpions, and bats that call it home. They must also be prepared to get wet, as the water level inside the cave passage can sometimes be as deep as waist-level, depending on the season.

Sto. Rosario Cave System in Mabini
6.65 km away

Exploring the Sta. Rosario Cave is certainly an adventure. One gets down and dirty right from the start, with the cave entrance being a small hole that requires some cautious crouching to get past. Further into the cave, guano drips and resident bats fly around as the passage narrows and expands every few steps, so one must be ready to climb and crawl through some rather sharp rocks to continue their exploration. Small cuts and scrapes are to be expected. Physically challenging though it may be, the payoff is great: shimmering rock formations, mini-waterfalls, clear pools, and capacious chambers inspire awe and make the demanding trek more than worth it.

Things to do nearby

Hundred Islands ALL-IN Tour Package
Island hopping
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  • Learn about The Hundred Islands as one of the country's natural wonders and is believed to be roughly 2 million years old
  • Go on a thrilling island hopping to Governor's Island, Virgin Island, Quezon Island, Imelda Cave, Cuenco Cave, and Lucap Wharf
  • Sit back and relax as you enjoy an all-inclusive package with roundtrip transfers to and from Manila

Where to stay

The Empress Inn
Hotels and homes
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Relax, enjoy and be served by our friendly and accommodating staff at The Empress Inn.

Dasoland Family Adventure Park

For families and younger travelers, Dasoland is a must-see. The massive property offers resort-style amenities, with cabanas, a big pool, a mini-golf fairway, and a playground. More than that, the park also offers attractions that range from educational to exciting: a mini-zoo, butterfly garden, a World War II Museum housing fully-restored military vehicles, an Ifugao village featuring several authentic Ifugao houses, and even heritage houses that recreate colonial-era Filipino homes with authentic century-old furniture. Even a day trip here would be an incredible experience for any one of any age, though with so much to see, visitors will probably want to stay for longer.

U & Me Apartelle Inn
Hotels and homes
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Strategically located at Alaminos, this apartelle is a great choice for all types of travelers seeking comfortable accommodations. It has clean interiors, quality facilities, and amenities that guarantee a memorable stay. 

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Sto. Niño Street, Barangay Poblacion, Mabini, Pangasinan

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