Marikina Shoe Museum (Museo ng Sapatos) | Things to do in Marikina City-Metro Manila

Shoe Museum in Marikina City | Photo by Alan de Ramos Shoe Museum in Marikina City | Photo by Alan de Ramos Shoe Museum in Marikina City | Photo by Alan de Ramos Shoe Museum in Marikina City Shoe Museum in Marikina City Shoe Museum in Marikina City
Upon entering, travelers will be awed by a huge collection of heels and flats, which were owned by the Philippines' former first lady and shoe lover, Imelda Marcos. The museum highlights Marcos' 749 pairs of shoes, with her most lavish pairs still housed inside the Malacanang Palace. The museum also displays pairs from other notable figures and celebrities, such as the shoes of Imelda's husband and former president Ferdinand Marcos, as well as those of the King of Philippine Comedy, Dolphy Quizon. More than 200 years old, the museum used to serve as a granary in the Spanish regime, and as an artillery storage during the Japanese occupation. It was converted into a shoe museum in 2001 to mark the city their national tag as "The Shoe Capital of the Philippines".
Open: Daily, 8am - 12nn, 1pm - 5pm
Address: J. P. Rizal St., San Roque, Marikina City, Metro Manila
Fee: P50
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Nearby attractions

Our Lady of the Abandoned Church
0.13 km away

Tagged as a Diocesan Shrine in 2005, the Church of the Our Lady of Abandoned is pilgrimage site among residents not just of Marikina City, but also those of Metro Manila. The church is the oldest parish in Marikina, and the second oldest parish in the Philippines, next to that of Sta. Ana in Manila. Built by Augustinians in the 1700s, the Church of the Our Lady of Abandoned bears the image of an enlightened woman receiving orphaned children. Legend says the Lady is miraculous, stopping a detonation when a bomb was hurled into the church during the World War II. Today, the church is popular as a dramatic backdrop in any wedding, baptismal, and other ecclesiastical celebrations. In Spanish it's called "Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados", which is translated in Filipino as "Ina ng mga Walang Mag-ampon".

Sentrong Pangkultura Gallery (Bahay na Bato)
0.14 km away

The Bahay na Bato (translated as "House Made of Stone") in Marikina City is a Spanish heritage site declared as a National Shrine in 1968. More than 200 years old, Bahay na Bato bore witness to the first pair of shoes ever designed in Marikina City. On an average day, its two restaurants, Cafe Kapitan Restaurant and Cocina, are busy with foodies. In other occasions, the entire building is bristling with viewers watching cultural events involving visual arts, performance poetry, or music. The stone edifice is owned by Kapitan Moy, who is considered to be the Father of the Shoe Industry in the Philippines. The second floor, called the Museo ng Musica, is available for private lease on special events like weddings, birthdays, and debuts.

Marikina River Park
0.69 km away

Marikina River Park lies next to the Marikina River, a catch basin of rainwater in Metro Manila. While it's the first to pop up in the news due to devastating floods, Marikina River could be charming, if not harassed by typhoons. Marikina River Park is open for picnic, running, biking, skating (it has a dedicated skating rink), and camping. The park also features the feminist statue "The Filipina Leader Soars High" by Juan Sajid Imao, the Filipino sculptor who built the immense Lapu-Lapu sculpture in Rizal Park, Manila. A few meters from the park is the towering statue of Maria Quina, a legendary woman who possessed sublime beauty and kindness. The lady statue, as well as the white carabao statue nearby, works as a rough measurement to calculate the depth of an incoming flood. Once the water reaches Maria Quina’ neck, nearby residents are alerted to evacuate to higher land.

Things to do nearby

Marikina Discovery Tour
Art and culture
0.33 km away

  • Explore historical landmarks and learn about the rich heritage of shoemaking
  • Meet local shoemakers and artists/culture keepers
  • Check Marikina’s famous kakanin's and local delicacies
  • Get access to good shoe bargain and makers who can customized shoes for you.

Marikina Premium Tour (Shoe Capital of the Philippines)

  • Take advantage of the sights of Marikina City, the Shoe Capital of the Philippines. 
  • Visit several museums; including the Marikina Shoe Museum that holds the largest collection of shoes in the country, Book cum Ethnology Museum and more.
  • Spend the day at this interesting city of history and pop and take home custom-designed shoes specially made by Marikina Shoe Artisans and Shoe Designers.

Tipsy Tales Lambana – An Immersive Folklore Experience

  • Experience your own dark whimsical fairy tale in this intimate hour-long show where actors lead you to explore a trippy dream-like world and play out a story that will surpass your wildest dreams. 
  • Descend into the world of Lambana where Filipino Folklore comes to life. Here, you’ll discover the heart and dark melancholy of stories that you have undoubtedly heard of before but never experienced.
  • Meet the fascinating characters first hand. Share your story with them and they, in turn, will take you on a one of a kind journey through enchanted forests and mermaid infested coves. 

Where to stay

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Oracle Hotel and Residences
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Eastwood Richmonde Hotel
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2.79 km away

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Getting there and around

J. P. Rizal St., San Roque, Marikina City, Metro Manila

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