Elia Kaakbay Farm

Alaminos City, Pangasinan, Philippines

A farme is more than just a place to grow fruits and vegetables—it’s an entire lifestyle—especially when the word itself stands for “Farm Alaminos for a Rich Mother Earth). Despite being in their then-mid-50s, Tita Leilia and her husband left their cushy city jobs and moved back to her home province for the fresh air and to start a garden, which quickly evolved into the three-hectare intercrop organic farm it is today. From the sweetest exotic dragonfruit to common herbs used in everyday cooking, much is grown here, including melons, apples, bananas, rice, mongo and salad tomatoes. It’s an inspiring success story every way you look at it, and is a testament to the future of agri-farming—it’s already being used as a demo farm and Tita Leilia is already holding training sessions!

Address:   Alaminos City , Pangasinan , Philippines

Hours: Open Everyday

Budget: N/A

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Alaminos City, Pangasinan, Philippines

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