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Tataupin Point is a two-kilometer stretch of mangrove forest covering a rocky shoreline. It is located in Barangay Languyin on the eastern side of Polillo, facing Burdeos Bay. The sanctuary is home to a diverse population of small marine animals. It also serves as a roosting area of different bird species including herons and zebra doves, making it a great spot for birdwatching. A two-hour motorcycle ride from the town center, the beach is still undeveloped and has no facilities or other man-made structures.
Open: Everyday, open 24 hours.
Address: Polillo, Polillo, Quezon
Fee: Free
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Nearby attractions

Polillo Handicrafts Store
9.90 km away

Managed by the municipal government of Polillo, the handicrafts store sells various souvenir items such bags (P100 to P300), hats (P100 to P150), bottle holders (P180), baskets and trays (P75 to P500). The products are made of forest vines and coconut materials, which are sourced from Barangay Pinaglubayan, an inland village in the southern Polillo. Currently sharing a space with the municipal library, the store was opened to provide a venue for local handicraft makers to display their products.

Languyin Falls
10.46 km away

Located on the eastern part of Polillo, Languyin Falls is a four-story high waterfall with a series of small, shallow catch basins. The water cascades on a rocky slope bordered by dense vegetation on either side. There's no pool large enough for swimming but visitors can climb to the upper levels of the waterfalls and enjoy the view. Languyin Falls can be reached by trekking for 45 minutes from the access road. The hike, mostly on muddy and slippery terrain, includes several knee-deep river crossings.

Culalanom Falls
10.68 km away

Culalanom Falls is located in Barangay Pamatdan on the eastern part of Polillo. About five meters high, the waterfall drops to a large pool around nine meters deep before flowing into a stream. Visitors can go swimming or climb on the rocky edge and dive into the pool. Getting to the falls requires a 30-minute trek from a dirt road, which can only be accessed by motorcycles. The hike going there, while not too difficult, involves balancing on narrow slabs of concrete that are part of the local irrigation infrastructure. Reminder: Watch out for lipa, a noxious plant similar to poison ivy, on the trail.

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Polillo, Polillo, Quezon

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