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Built in 1933, Magallanes Ancestral House is a two-storey antique house in Brgy. Ibabang Yuni, Mulanay. Made of kamagong planks and mulawin posts, the house evokes an old-rich's household. Many items displayed can be traced back to the World War II era. The house is owned by 87-year-old Gloria Magallanes, who inhabits the place. Her parents' portraits still hang on its walls. While the house isn't open to the public, visitors may requst for a quick peek of its living room, capiz windows, and other curiosities.
Open: Open Everyday
Address: Brgy. Ibabang Yuni, Mulanay, Quezon
Fee: By appointment
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Nearby attractions

Mt. Kamhantik Forest Park
5.85 km away

Mt. Kamhantik Forest Park is home to an excavated 1,000-year-old village. Surrounded by a jungle on top of the mountain, the archaeological site features habitation artifacts and 15 limestone coffins that date approximately between 10th and 14th century. According to archaeologists, it's "the first of its kind in the Philippines having carved limestone tombs." The forest park also cradles an astonishing 300-year-old balate tree (strangler tree), one of the oldest in the country. Mt. Kamhantik Forest Park is a historical site certified by the National Museum of the Philippines.

St. Peter the Apostle Church
6.04 km away

This intimately-sized church has been the constant source of strength of the local Mulanay. Established in 1688 by Franciscan missionaries, its official beginnings as a parish would be in much later years, in 1835, while construction of the church started in 1861. The church went through several reconstructions, as can be seen by the plastered coral bricks on the church’s facade and surrounding walls. The freshly-painted artworks on the ceilings and walls are reminiscent of Mulanay’s moorish origins—with ornate and intricate details framing the painted holy images. At 400 years old, the church doesn't show its age because of the constant renovations and repairs. Unfortunately, the centuries-old limestone gave way to the times, and modern-day concrete is now being used. Visitors can ask permission from the church’s administration office to access the belfry. The view at the top is worth the effort.

Mulanay Mangrove Forest
6.21 km away

Just 15mins away from Long Beach by boat, Mulanay's Mangrove Forest is a protected area of centuries-old mangroves and a haven to various kinds of fish, crustacean, and birds.

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Brgy. Ibabang Yuni, Mulanay, Quezon

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