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Considered as the biggest of the three islands of Lopez, Pulong Niyugan features crystal-clear waters, beautiful rock formations, and healthy coral gardens. The island is somewhat untouched, best for travelers looking for a quiet, laid-back type of vacation. From Matinik Beach, visitors can also charter a boat to Pulong Niyogan or Coconut Island (P500/boat, good for 8 persons, 20mins).
Open: Everyday, open 24 hours.
Address: Lopez, Lopez, Quezon
Fee: Free
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Nearby attractions

Matinik Beach
2.22 km away

About 800 meters long, Matinik Beach is part of a large cove that faces Lamon Bay. The beach is walled with dike, and has clear, shallow waters over light gray sand. The beach is parallel to the Philippine National Railway in Barangay Matinik and offers several cottages rented at P100 to P300 each. Matinik Beach has calm waters during Amihan Season (November to May), and choppy waters during Habagat Season (June to October). At the southern end of the beach, visitors would find a Japanese Tunnel that served as a garrison during World War II.

Lalaguna Marshland
14.54 km away

Lalaguna Marshland is a 500-hectare freshwater marsh ideal for birdwatching, fishing, and boating. Owned and protected by the local government of Lopez, the marsh is a popular roosting ground to the endemic Philippine Duck and more than 120 bird species. The marshland covers the territories of Barangays Lalaguna, Tan-ag Ibaba, and Tucalin. Fishing in the marsh is free (bring your own rod). Some of the catch include tilapia, dalag, hito, puyo, biya, pulos, gurami, paros, parotis, and bugitis. Visitors can also rent a boat from local fishermen and glide serenely among its shallow waters. Boats in the area are propelled not by diesel-fueled motors, but by tikin or bamboo poles pushed into the marsh bed. During the dry season between February to April, the water recedes, turning the 500-hectare marsh into 300 hectares.

San Diego de Alcala Fortress (Kutang San Diego)
16.18 km away

San Diego de Alcala Fortress is the only surviving Spanish fortress in Gumaca, Quezon. The three-storey fortress is made of adobe, with views of Lamon Bay, Alabat Island, and Gumaca Baywalk from its third floor windows. Still poised from its wall are antique cannons, which served as a defense from incoming pirate ships during the 18th century. The floor near the cannons used to have a tunnel entrance that leads to Gumaca Cathedral, the oldest church in Quezon. That entranceway has now been sealed off with cement. San Diego de Alcala Fortress was built in the 18th century under the leadership of Franciscan Father Francisco Coast. In 1981, the National Historical Institute (NHI) declared the fortress a national treasure.

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Lopez, Lopez, Quezon

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