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Quezon_Jomalig_Salibungot Beach_24 Salibungot Beach in Jomalig Island - Quezon - Explora Philippines Quezon_Jomalig_Salibungot Beach_12 Quezon_Jomalig_Salibungot Beach_27 Salibungot Beach in Jomalig Island - Quezon - Explora Philippines
Located at the southwestern end of Jomalig, Salibungot Beach offers a long stretch of pristine coastline with orange (golden) sand, clear blue waters, and a stunning view of the sunset. The beach is lined with agojo trees and is home to various species of birds including crows and doves. Apart from a few residential huts on one end of the beach, the area is devoid of man-made structures. It's a great spot for camping, swimming, and snorkeling, but travelers would have to bring their own gear.
Open: Everyday, open 24 hours.
Address: Jomalig, Jomalig Island, Quezon
Fee: Free
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Nearby attractions

Jomalig Mangrove Sanctuary
2.21 km away

Jomalig's Mangrove Sanctuary covers 182 hectares with about 16 species of mangrove. The sanctuary is also home to a wide variety of fauna including doves, crows, snakes, and small marine animals. During high tide, travelers can go around the sanctuary on a paddleboat, but they would first have to take a 20-minute walk on muddy terrain to reach the mangrove area. In the 1970s, the original mangroves were cut down and made into charcoal. Meanwhile, the area itself was converted into fishponds. Reforestation took place between 2002 to 2004, although the rehabilitation program is still ongoing.

Compra Beach
8.46 km away

Compra Beach is a two-kilometer coastline with fine golden sand and a dense forest of agoho trees. Located on the east side of Patnanungan, it has one of the best views of the sunrise on the island. The area also has an expanse of coral reefs, which makes a great spot for snorkeling (bring your own gear). There's a small fishing community nearby where you can buy fresh fish if you chance upon a good catch that day.

White Beach in Patnanungan
11.34 km away

A 20-minute walk from the town center of Patnanungan are three contiguous beaches with fine white sand, clear blue waters, and an unobstructed view of the sunset. Leria's Beach, Dolor Beach, and Darmo Beach, which make up Patnanungan's White Beach, are all privately owned but are open to the public for free. Largely devoid of man-made structures, the beaches are ideal for camping and snorkeling (bring your own gear). During low tide, the rocky parts of the coast are exposed and you can observe a wide variety of small marine animals including snails, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, and starfish.

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Jomalig, Jomalig Island, Quezon

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