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Comprising of two neighboring rock islands on the eastern side of Jomalig, Manlanat Islets serve as a sanctuary for doves, herons, and other bird species. The islets have an interesting formation when seen from afar. One looks like a sleeping dinosaur, while the other is shaped like a fortress. Aside from birds, sea snakes also thrive on the islets. The best time for bird watching is in the early morning and late afternoon, when the birds are most abundant. The waves in Manlanat can be turbulent, which make it difficult for boats to dock. Make sure to go there when the sea is calm to have a better chance of reaching the islets.
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Address: Jomalig, Jomalig Island, Quezon
Fee: Free
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Nearby attractions

Canaway Islets
7.95 km away

Canaway Islets are a group of three small rock islands about an hour away from Sitio Moros in the main island of Jomalig. One of the islets has a patch of white beach with fine sand and shallow waters. It has an abundant population of small marine animals such as hermit crabs and sea snails. There’s also a deep hole in the middle of the islet, which locals believe were dug by treasure hunters. Activities for travelers include swimming, snorkeling, and rock climbing (bring your own gear). Camping is also possible but only for small groups since the space for pitching tents is limited.

Jomalig Mangrove Sanctuary
18.87 km away

Jomalig's Mangrove Sanctuary covers 182 hectares with about 16 species of mangrove. The sanctuary is also home to a wide variety of fauna including doves, crows, snakes, and small marine animals. During high tide, travelers can go around the sanctuary on a paddleboat, but they would first have to take a 20-minute walk on muddy terrain to reach the mangrove area. In the 1970s, the original mangroves were cut down and made into charcoal. Meanwhile, the area itself was converted into fishponds. Reforestation took place between 2002 to 2004, although the rehabilitation program is still ongoing.

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Jomalig, Jomalig Island, Quezon

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