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About four kilometers away from Patnanungan , Minasawa Island is a 4.5-hectare bird sanctuary located on the eastern part of Burdeos Bay. Declared a protected area in 1964, the island is a roosting spot of more than 10 species of local and migratory birds as well as three species of fruit bats. Marine turtles are also known to frequent the island during breeding season.

Bordered by a short strip of white beach on one side and craggy rocks on the other, Minasawa has a small but dense forest cover as you go inland. There’s a shallow pit in the middle which locals say were dug by treasure hunters. While the island is an ideal spot for bird watching, activities such as camping and picnicking are discouraged since these may disturb the wildlife population.
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Nearby attractions

MGAD Souvenir Store
2.96 km away

The Municipal Gender and Development (MGAD) arm of Patnanungan operates a souvenir store near the town hall. The store features handicraft products made from seashells and coconut materials. Souvenir items include lamps (P1,000 to P1,500), curtains (P500 to P1,000), and small ornaments (P35 to P150). Established in 2012 with a seed money of P3,500, the MGAD program aims to promote indigenous products and provide livelihood to women. All materials are sourced locally and the workers are local women who were trained in handicrafts-making.

Ik-ikon Island
5.06 km away

A small, rocky island on the northeastern side of Patnanungan, Ik-ikon Island is known for its abundant population of sea snakes. By day, the snakes are often seen sleeping inside hollows of sharp rocks. They descend to the water at night to hunt for food and crawl back in their hiding places before daybreak. A few families live on the island during fishing season, usually from February to September. There’s a small patch of white beach where small boats can dock. While not the most ideal beach camping site particularly if you’re afraid of snakes, Ik-ikon makes an interesting stopover on island hopping tours.

White Beach in Patnanungan
8.25 km away

A 20-minute walk from the town center of Patnanungan are three contiguous beaches with fine white sand, clear blue waters, and an unobstructed view of the sunset. Leria's Beach, Dolor Beach, and Darmo Beach, which make up Patnanungan's White Beach, are all privately owned but are open to the public for free. Largely devoid of man-made structures, the beaches are ideal for camping and snorkeling (bring your own gear). During low tide, the rocky parts of the coast are exposed and you can observe a wide variety of small marine animals including snails, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, and starfish.

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