Angel's Breath Falls | Things to do in Sorsogon City-Sorsogon

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Angel's Breath Falls may not be majestic compared to the other well-known waterfalls of Sorsogon, but those intrigued by uncharted tourist spots will find this destination an interesting sidetrip when visiting Sorsogon City. Located in Sitio Bagong Sirang, Macabog, Sorsogon City, the trek to Angel's Breath Falls usually takes a little less than an hour to complete but not without its share of complications. Though the slopes are gradual, proper trails have yet to be developed, and without a local guide, missing a crucial turn to get to the falls is quite likely. Expect to encounter and possibly struggle with vegetation overgrowth in some parts of the trek. But then again, a secluded spot of cool cascading water awaits, making the struggle all worth it. Visitors interested to make the trip to Angel's Breath Falls need to drop by Brgy. Macabog's Barangay Hall first for registration. From there, the jump off point is about 10 minutes away by motorbike or private vehicle.

Address: Sitio Bagong Sirang, Macabog, Sorsogon City, Sorsogon

Open: Open Everyday

Fee: Free