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Fort Santiago | Photo by Jay Ermitaño Fort Santiago | Photo by Jay Ermitaño Fort Santiago | Photo by XPLORRA Fort Santiago | Photo by XPLORRA
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Fort Santiago was the governmental seat of power in Intramuros during the Spanish period. Hence, the most important details of history are etched in its structures—its dungeons, death chambers, prison cells, and Spanish offices. The highlight of the Fort Santiago, however, is the intellectual giant and martyr, Dr. Jose Rizal, whose novels and public execution sparked a revolution and ended the 333 years of Spanish regime. Rizal belonged to the Ilustrado, a group of freethinking Filipinos who studied in Europe and were exposed to Western ideas. Seeing the Philippines in the clutch of Spain in the late 1800s, Rizal wrote and self-published two definitive novels, the Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, exposing the corruption of Spain over the native Filipinos. More than learning about Intramuros, the Fort Santiago, and Dr. Jose Rizal, visiting this place is a journey towards unlocking the gifts of freedom.

Address: Plaza Luis Complex, cor. A. Soriano Jr. Ave. and Gen. Luna St., Intramuros, City of Manila, Metro Manila

Open: Daily, 8am - 6pm

Fee: P75