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San Rafael Cave in Roxas San Rafael Cave in Roxas San Rafael Cave in Roxas
San Rafael Cave is the largest cave in Oriental Mindoro. It is made up of 10 chambers, all of which takes about two hours to explore. Visiting the first seven chambers require easy trekking, while reaching the eighth chamber requires crawling into a narrow passageway. To get here, visitors are advised to hire a guide at the Tourism Assistance Office, located just across the Barangay Hall of San Rafael. The guide fee costs P35 to P200 per head, which includes a helmet and a flashlight. Getting to the cave itself takes about 45 minutes of trekking. Among the 10 chambers, two are worth mentioning. The first chamber, called the Limahong Cave, is named after the Chinese pirate Limahong. Legend has it that Limahong hid part of his treasure in this cave. Another is called the Terraces chamber, which houses several water basins, shaped like the steps of rice terraces.
Open: Weekdays, 6am - 5pm; One-way trekking to the cave takes 45mins, while exploring the cave itself ta
Address: Sitio Bintulagan, Brgy. San Rafael, Roxas, Oriental Mindoro
Fee: P5/student; P10/domestic tourist; P50/foreign tourist
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Nearby attractions

Pres. Manuel A. Roxas Museum in Roxas
0.17 km away

Pres. Manual A. Roxas Museum is a small museum dedicated to the fifth Philippine President, Manuel A. Roxas. He is also the last president of the Commonwealth, and the first president of the Third Republic. The museum's centerpiece is the bust of President Roxas, surrounded by photographs and memorabilia about the president and the previous mayors of Roxas. The museum also has a relief map of the town, and a shelf of books and encyclopedia donated by its town residents.

Anabo Weaving in Mansalay
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An unremarkable indigenous plant called anabo (Abroma augusta) has found use as a durable material for handloom weaving in the town of Mansalay. Members of the Mansalay Corn-Based Farmer-Scientists Association (MCFSA) in Barangay Waygan have been using anabo fiber to produce shawls, place mats, table runners, and other woven products. The fiber is also ideal for making handicrafts. With the assistance of the local government and other agencies, the MCFSA was able to open a handloom weaving center, which provides an additional source of income for local communities.

Kuta Shrine
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Now overgrown with humongous balete trees (strangler tree), Kuta Shrine is a relic of the 400-year-old Kuta Church. The church was built from corals and limestone by Augustinian Recollects in the early 17th century. At that time, the church served as a place of worship and a walled fortress against Moro invaders. While legends have it that the church was constructed overnight, studies from the UP Archaeological Studies Program show that the church was constructed over time, through many years of constant renovations. In 1737, however, the church was abandoned due to the Moro's constant attacks. The church is believed to have been burned down. Today, the shrine merely serves as the town's symbolic feature. Local visitors light candles on the spot where the church altar used to stand.

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Sitio Bintulagan, Brgy. San Rafael, Roxas, Oriental Mindoro

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