White Beach in Puerto Galera | Things to do in Puerto Galera-Oriental Mindoro

White Beach in Puerto Galera | Photo by Jay Ermitaño White Beach in Puerto Galera | Photo by Jay Ermitaño White Beach in Puerto Galera | Photo by Jay Ermitaño
Puerto Galera's White Beach is the second most commercialized beach in the Philippines, next to Boracay's White Beach. A closer proximity to Metro Manila, Puerto Galera's White Beach is a cheaper alternative to Boracay. The beach spans 1.2 kilometers, with grainy, light gray sand, and is dotted with bars, restaurants, hotels, and souvenir shops. Like other popular beaches, White Beach offers a plethora of island activities such as banana boat, jet ski, island hopping, and snorkeling. At one rocky end of the beach is called Camp City, where there are no establishments and camping is allowed. During peak season (April to May, and Christmas Holidays), White Beach transforms into an entertainment center, with loud music, rowdy bars, fire dancers, and many beach parties. Accommodations can also triple in price. The rest of the year, White Beach could be quiet, especially at night.
Open: Everyday, open 24 hours.
Address: Brgy. San Isidro, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro
Fee: Fee
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Nearby attractions

Talipanan Mangyan Settlement
1.56 km away

Talipanan Mangyan Settlement is one among the few Mangyan villages that are welcoming to tourists. The settlement comprises about 70 nipa houses, and growing, with the help and support of the Ayala Foundation, Inc. Since 2010, the foundation organized the village into a tourist-friendly community, and set up a livelihood program for the Iraya Mangyans, one of the eight sub-groups of Mangyans in Mindoro. Upon entering this settlement, travelers would be greeted by a bamboo-designed Mangyan gift shop. Thereafter, visitors can cross the bamboo bridge over the Talipanan River, roam about the village, and watch a day in the life of the Mangyans. On a regular day, you'd find Mangyan kids playing games, the men repairing houses, and the women weaving handicrafts. The more adventurous of travelers can follow the trail of the Talipanan River for about 30 minutes, and reach Talipanan Falls.

Puerto Galera Adventure and Recreational Ecopark
3.09 km away

Puerto Galera Adventure and Recreational Ecopark rests on the hills of Mt. Malasimbo, the highest point in Puerto Galera. The ecopark offers a panoramic view of Puerto Galera Bay and the town's islands and islets. While visitors are free to use the view deck, peeking through its telescopes costs P10 per viewing. Other than its refreshing view of the islands, the ecopark offers two packaged recreational activities. These include the cargo net climb and hanging bridge (P200), plus the zipline (P500). The zipline is the highlight of the ecopark. Visitors would ride a buggy (free) to get to the jump-off of the zipline, and then zip through the length of the 600-meter cable, with an impressive bird's eye view of the hills of Mt. Malasimbo, the Ponderosa Golf course, the sea, and faraway islands.

Sandbar at Boquete Island
5.03 km away

Simply known as "Sandbar", this destination is a 50-meter stretch of white sand, connecting Boquete Island to the mainland Mindoro. The Sandbar and Boquete Island are privately owned. Landing in the area requires a fee of P50/head, consumable at the bar and restaurant of Boquete Island's resort, Elizabeth's Hideaway. The fee also includes swimming at the 200-meter white beach connected to the Sandbar. The Sandbar is best visited together with the other island activities in Puerto Galera, such as island hopping, snorkelling at the Giant Clams and Coral Garden, or visiting the underwater cave. Please note that the Sandbar could get filthy during the off-peak season (June to December). Otherwise the beach connected to the Sandbar is always well-maintained and clean.

Where to stay

Sea Jewel Beach Resort
Hotels and homes
0.01 km away

Sea Jewel Beach Resort is one of the finest White Beach Puerto Galera resorts. We offer customers affordable one-star elegance in the shore of White beach. Cool, cozy and inviting, its brightly -colored facade houses modern comforts and reliable services ideal for a seaside retreat.

Queen of Isle Cottages and Restaurant

White Beach is one of Puerto Galera's most popular vacation areas on Mindoro Island, Philippines. White Beach offers a number of inexpensive accommodations, including hotels, cottages, lodges and inns. Queen of Isle Cottages and Restaurant is one of them. Experience affordable rooms with sea view.

White Beach Lodge
Hotels and homes
0.15 km away

A little piece of Puerto Galera paradise right at the center of White Beach where you can swim, sun-bathe and see the magnificent sunset. White Beach Lodge is located just behind beachfront open-air bars and souvenir shops, a short 1-minute walk to the beach. White Beach Lodge is a family run resort surrounded with wide space, parking lot and eating areas, multi-purpose hall and picnic kiosks ideal.

Getting there and around

Brgy. San Isidro, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

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