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Tamaraw Falls | Photo by Jay Ermitaño Tamaraw Falls in Puerto Galera Tamaraw Falls | Photo by Jay Ermitaño
Tamaraw Falls gets its name from the word "tamaraw", a water buffalo endemic to the island of Mindoro. One of the more popular destinations in Puerto Galera, Tamaraw Falls is a twin waterfall about three storeys high. The waterfall lies next to Nautical Highway, runs under a bridge, and cascades through man-made pools below. Tamaraw Falls faces the mountainside, where one can enjoy a refreshing view of the forest. While it is free to hangout at the bridge and take photos of the waterfall, swimming in the area has a fee of P30/head. Other facilities in the area can be rented out. These include kiosks (P140), tables (P30), barbeque grills (P50), and an assembly hall (P1,500). While the management of Tamaraw Falls does not sell food items, snacks and drinks are sold along the highway.
Open: Everyday, 7am - 5pm.Takes at least 1hr to swim.
Address: Brgy. Villaflor, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro
Fee: Free to visit. Pool area: P30/adult; P15/15yo and below.
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Nearby attractions

Excavation Museum
3.29 km away

Excavation Museum is a small, dusty museum found in the vicinity of Immaculate Conception Church. Dating to as far back as 200 B.C., its exhibits include porcelain wares, earthen jars, and burial vessels traded from China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Mindoro Island. The items were excavated from gravesites and underwater wreck sites in Mindoro in the 1960s. Others were donated by archaeologist divers. Also displayed in the museum are photographs of archaeological sites and other artifacts dug in Puerto Galera. The priceless items in this museum were told to have either been sold to other museums, or looted by thieves.

Giant Clams Basin
3.83 km away

If giant clams can produce pearls, how big would you think the pearls could be? Snorkeling at the Giant Clams basin is one of Puerto Galera's island activities. The Giant Clams are located near Coral Garden in Puerto Galera Bay, in between the islands San Antonio and Boquete. About eight to ten feet deep, the Giant Clams area comprise of a wide seabed with about 30 artificially implanted clams, each reaching as wide as one meter in diameter. During the snorkeling activity, visitors would have to hold onto to the outrigger of the boat while snorkeling. The boat would then move to where the giant clams are found. The clams are best viewed when the sun is out and the sea is calm. While diving and having a closer look of the clams are possible, touching them is prohibited. A P150,000 fine is imposed on violators.

Coral Garden
4.22 km away

Snorkeling at the Coral Garden is one of Puerto Galera's island activities. Coral Garden is found in Puerto Galera Bay, in between the islands San Antonio and Boquete. The area that comprise Coral Garden is only 8 feet deep, and has underwater views of corals and varieties of marine animals. Among them are the clown fish, starfish, sea snake, and sea urchin. During this activity, guests would have to hold onto to the outrigger of the boat while snorkeling. The boat would then move to the most popular spots in the Coral Garden, where the most colorful corals and marine life are seen. Once at the popular spot, guests can feed the fish with pieces of bread (provided by the boatman).

Where to stay

Kasbah Remo Villa in Punta del Este Villas

Kasbah Remo is a villa of humble beauty with spacious living room and bedrooms. From the broad terrace and the swimming pool you will admire an awesome marine landscape. Seated at the edge of the cliff of Punta del Este promontory, whose natural charm and seclusion have attracted visitors for years, Kasbah Remo enjoys a softly shaded garden under the canopy of mature trees. Punta del Este is a coastal promontory situated at a one kilometer distance from Poblacion, Puerto Galera’s center . On its top, at a 30 meters elevation, and near its extremity, in real seclusion, two villas and other independent accommodations are offered for exclusive rentals. The villas are in each other's vicinity and can be rented together at once to accommodate a large party. You are reading here a presentation of Kasbah Remo villa. If you want to look at Villa Sarimanok, it is listed at https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/18549438 Kasbah Remo. What is included? It is large, with a spacious lounge, a 10.2 by 4.5 m swimming pool, a broad terrace reaching the edge of the cliff and embracing the sea, islands and coast on a 270° view. It accommodates 8 guests in 4 large bedrooms (2 king/twin modifiable + 1 king-size + 1 queen-size), each having a bathroom with heated shower, two fans (1 or 2 standing fans and in some rooms a ceiling fan), laptop work space, wireless internet, shelving, hangers, drying bars, linen, bathroom and beach towels, bathroom essentials. Cable TV in the lounge. Free WiFi internet. Free shuttle from and to the arrival/departure boat pier. A few more guests can be accommodated (at a supplement of Php800 per head per night) in the seclusive mezzanine situated over the back of the large living room . This space has its own queen-plus-size bed, a bathroom with heated shower and a conventional window opening through the roof. Even more guests can be accommodated on folding beds, 18 being the highest number of people the villa can take. Photo and movie shooting: This photogenic and highly private place makes an excellent setting. Food and cooking: Cook/helper services are included. Self-catering conditions: you bring or purchase locally your food and drinks. The cook/helper will do it for you, handle supplies and prepare the meals as you ask her. She settles the accounts with you. To make sure there is something to serve at your arrival, let it be a drink, a snack or a meal, we can advance the money and do the shopping ahead of time, then prepare it according to your specifications. Afterwards you may plan breakfast and meals directly with the cook/helper. Atmosphere: Turned to the ocean, open to every breeze, bathed in sunlight, Kasbah Remo stands strong and proud under Mother Nature’s rule and magnificence. On the terrace, one always stops to admire the panorama. The sight comes down from the high jungle mountains, to discover a long beach and a bay where fishermen make a living. Then it brushes across the beautifully carved coast, and vanishes on passing ships, small islands and towering clouds that crown distant shores. My guests often say that the place is unexpectedly more beautiful and impressive than on photos and in descriptions. For sure, you will be amazed! Kasbah Remo will surely draw you into a relaxing feeling of serenity and natural simplicity. In the time of your stay, you will be a spectator of the gigantic, uninterrupted ballet of ocean and sky. The soft clouds of the trade winds will draw all sorts of characters and figures over the azure. Later, as heavy clouds top up the high hinterland, your jaws will drop at the mountain lightning. Then, you will be singing in the refreshing rain, enjoying the drops as they pleasantly run on your skin. Inevitably, you will dip in the pool and, soon enough, you will melt in bliss, as the cool sea breeze picks up and the late sun overcomes the clouds. Then, no doubt, you will be exhilarated by the freshness of the air and marveled at the way the scenery has more color than ever.

Sea Warrior Inn
Hotels and homes
3.24 km away

Sea Warrior Inn is one of Puerto Galera's newest guest houses. Although we prefer ourselves as an Inn to reflect our small size, attention to your comforts and needs is always on our mind and we extend a family atmosphere to all our guests.

Sea Warrior Inn lies in a magnificent island cove set apart from the rest on Mindoro's beaches. 
Relax at our rooms equipped with home-made bamboo furniture. Unwind and savor our delicious local favorites facing the sunset over San Antonio Island. Enjoy a peaceful stay in the midst of a charming Filipino family.

Manarra Sea View Resort
Hotels and homes
4.79 km away

"Manarra seaview resort is one of the newest resorts in sabang beach Puerto Galera. Every room has spectacular sea views, we have a great hillside location providing all aspects of the resort with uninterrupted views." - Manarra Resort

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Brgy. Villaflor, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

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