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Naujan Lake | Photo by Jay Ermitaño Naujan Lake | Photo by Jay Ermitaño Naujan Lake in Socorro, Oriental Mindoro | Photo by Jay Ermitaño
Naujan Lake, the fifth largest lake in the Philippines, is a sanctuary to Oriental Mindoro's rare fish species, and is a source of livelihood to fishermen in the surrounding towns, including Socorro, Victoria, Naujan, and Pola. Some of the catch harvested here are ayungin (silver perch), dalag (mudfish), bangus (milkfish), biya (goby), hito (catfish), managat (red snapper), tilapia, simbad, tarpa, paros, shrimps, and clams.
Open: Everyday, open 24 hours.
Address: Brgy. Happy Valley, Naujan, Oriental Mindoro
Fee: Free
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Nearby attractions

Naujan Lakeview Park
0.98 km away

Naujan Lakeview Park is a view deck in Socorro, overlooking Naujan Lake, the fifth largest lake in the Philippines. Like the view deck going to Tagaytay, the view deck of Socorro is along the highway, and could be a good rest stop during a long road trip in Oriental Mindoro. Naujan Lakeview Park has two decks, one private, which has already closed, and one public. Though the two lie along the Nautical Highway, the private deck is more elevated and has a panoramic view of the lake. Meanwhile, the public deck is lower and offers only some view of the lake. Today, Naujan Lakeview Park is a small plot of grassy land with towering palm trees. Visitors are welcome to hangout or have a picnic here. Plans to develop the area into a hotel are currently underway.

La Fortuna River and Bridge
4.69 km away

La Fortuna River serves as an outdoor recreation and local market (Tuesdays and Fridays only) in Barangay La Fortuna in Socorro. The river itself is wide and shallow, though some of the curving sections are waist-deep. During typhoons, however, the river swells deeper and almost twice wider. Crossing the river can be done three ways: either you wade through it and get wet knee-deep, walk through the steel hanging bridge, or ride a balsa, a bamboo-based raft (P5). About 30 meters away, you'll find water streaming from the forest into the river. From there, trekking up the stream for 20 minutes leads to an unnamed waterfall, temporarily called La Fortuna Waterfall. During Tuesdays and Fridays, however, the riverbank near the bridge transforms into a tiangge, a makeshift market where residents sell local produce such as bananas, gabi (taro), San Fernando (another type of taro), langka, rambutan, lanzones, and durian.

Fruit Orchards in Victoria
5.65 km away

Visiting Victoria, "the fruit basket of Oriental Mindoro," wouldn't be complete without touring its fruit orchards and tasting the freshest kind of fruits Mindoro Island has to offer. Located in Barangay San Cristobal, the farms comprise of three distinct orchards: Arago Farm, the Mangosteen Orchard, and the Dragon Fruit Orchard. The biggest and most organized among the three, Arago Farm harvests durian, lanzones, and rambutan. King Aurelio, the founder of the orchard, is known to be the man who popularized "Arago's Rambutan" in Metro Manila in the 90s. Upon request, Bong Sanchez, the current owner of the orchard, will tour you around, and give you a background on the fruits' life cycle from the pruning and flowering, to the ripening and harvesting season. Further down the road are the two other orchards, the Mangosteen Orchard and the Dragon Fruit Orchard. Unlike the organized Arago Farm, these two orchards produce fruits growing over wild tracts of land. The Mangosteen Orchard harvests mangosteen as its main produce, and sells seedlings of durian, rambutan, and lanzones on the side. Meanwhile, the Dragon Fruit Orchard produces kaymito, cacao, and of course, dragon fruit. The best time to visit the orchards is during the harvest season, between September and October, when the trees are fragrant and colorful with fruits. Aside from being picked fresh from the trees, the fruits are also sold at pre-selling prices, which is far lower than those found in local markets.

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Brgy. Happy Valley, Naujan, Oriental Mindoro

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