Arambyaw Falls | Things to do in Naujan-Oriental Mindoro

Arambyaw Falls in Naujan, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines | Photo by Ralph Malabanan Arambyaw Falls in Naujan, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines | Photo by Jay Ermitaño
Arambyaw Falls is a series of waterfalls in between two limestone walls. The water comes from a crack on the wall of Mt. Halcon, cascades into four water basins, and flows out to a river. The upper water basins can only be reached by rock climbing. If you don't have rock climbing equipment, however, you may still view the series of waterfalls from the bamboo bridge crossing the two limestone walls. About three stories high, the bamboo bridge can be accessed through a steep trail for a five-minute trek behind the collapsing cottage. Crossing the bridge and trekking further up the mountain leads to a Mangyan village. Before reaching Arambyaw Falls, you would have to travel on a rocky and dusty road through a calamansi orchard, with views of the treacherous Mt. Halcon.
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Address: Brgy. Masagana, Naujan, Oriental Mindoro
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Nearby attractions

Simbahang Bato
0.88 km away

Also known as "Bancuro Church Ruins", Simbahang Bato is Naujan's oldest church. The church ruins are made of adobe and corals, and have pockets on the walls displaying Christian icons. The ruins were renovated in 2011, and now houses a native-designed church inside its walls. The original church was built in the 17th century by Augustinian friars. Prior this, the friars settled in Barangay Bancuro to convert the residents of Naujan into Christianity. Once built, the church served as a place of worship and a refuge from Moro invaders. In 1824, however, Moro pirates burned the church to rubble, after not finding the church's golden bell. Though the church had not been reconstructed since then, its appeal still remains through its elusive symbols, the quiet corals on the walls, and the adobe structure creeping with vines.

Bibingka of Naujan
11.15 km away

The authentic taste of bibingka is not found in shopping malls; it’s found along the Nautical Highway in Barangay Pinagsabangan II, Naujan. Depending on the time of the day, 20 to 30 stalls dot both sides of the highway, giving off an aromatic smell close to that of pancakes. But unlike pancakes, the bibingka of Naujan is cheesy and chewy, with coconut meat inside, and margarine outside. And unlike those sold in shopping malls, the bibingka of Naujan is cheaper (P10/bibingka) and is cooked the traditional way--with rice instead of flour, and is baked in a pugon, a charcoal-based oven, instead of an electric oven. Eaten together with salabat or ginger tea (also sold in the stalls), bibingka makes an excellent snack during a road trip in Oriental Mindoro.

Calapan's Shing-a-ling
12.30 km away

Calapan's shing-a-ling is a crunchy finger food made from kalabasa or pumpkins. It has the shape of french fries, the texture of crackers, and the taste of pumpkin. Other varieties in the Philippines include shing-a-lings based on egg noodles, string beans, and malungay (moringga). The pumpkin is first boiled and mashed into an orange goop, and then added with flour and spices. The mixture is then forced into a machine with many small holes, and is turned into strings. The strings are later cut into shorter pieces and then fried until slightly brown. Calapan's shing-a-ling is created in a makeshift store a few meters away from Silonay Mangrove Conservation Area and Ecotourism. It is sold in many stores throughout the city.

Where to stay

Parang Beach Resort
Hotels and homes
14.54 km away

"Constructed in 2000, Parang Beach Resort is a boutique resort situated right on the beach, 15 minutes southeast from the center of Calapan City. With its limited number of cottages and rooms, privacy of our guests and personal service is our prime objective. There are only 14 cottages, rooms and suites in the resort, each with air conditioning, cable TV and private bathrooms that can accommodate up to 50 guests. Our suites are upscale with the presidential suite having its own private balcony and private Jacuzzi. Our Beachside Restaurant specializing in native and barbecued dishes, also serves steak and seafood recipes ideal for seaside meals. The Beachside Restaurant can accommodate up to 150 guests and is the only resort restaurant in Calapan City right on the beach. Our fully equipped Function Hall can accommodate up to 100 people and is ideal for seminars, wedding/baptism receptions and parties. Catering services are also available upon request. Recreational facilities include a basketball court, tennis court, billiards and seaside huts that are ideal for barbecuing."

Mahalta Resorts and Convention Center

Experience a variety of room ambiance suited for your style and mood

SIONY's is dedicated to plant vegetable for kitchen use. Agrucultural technology of hydroponics and aquaponics are showcased for the appreciation. Diners may have a fresh pick of these whenever harvest is available.

Ideal for weddings, birthday and debut, parties, shows and launches in a uniquely outdoor setting with the sea, island and sky at the backdrop

Watersports equipments are available with your safety in its core principle. Transparent Kayak, Paddle Boards, Snorkling gears, local motorized bancas and swimming gears are available.

Hotels and homes
15.03 km away

Unwind and get close to nature at this resort in Calapan. This place invites you to take a breather away from the hustle and bustle of the city, while still offering you the basic amenities you need. Whether you’re looking for a new adventure, in a new town or a quiet respite from your busy schedule, this relaxing getaway has you covered.

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