Walang Langit Falls | Things to do in Gloria-Oriental Mindoro

Walang Langit Falls in Gloria | Photo by Alan de Ramos Walang Langit Falls in Gloria | Photo by Alan de Ramos Walang Langit Falls in Gloria | Photo by Alan de Ramos
Translated as "no sky", Walang Langit Falls is named such because of the dense canopy of trees roofing the area in the early 1990s. To reach the falls, you'd have to secure a guide at the Barangay Hall of Buong Lupa at a rate that starts at P200. The trek lasts about an hour, and mostly consists of river trekking on shallow waters, in between two high walls of loose soil. Trekking to the falls feels like walking in a crack of an earthquake. Forty-five minutes into the trek, the trail forks into two: the left trail goes to the main waterfall, while the right trail leads to two smaller falls. Collectively, Walang Langit Falls is called "twin falls" by the locals despite having three falls.
Open: Everyday, open 24 hours.
Address: Brgy. Buong Lupa, Gloria, Oriental Mindoro
Fee: Free
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Nearby attractions

Bansud Municipal Park and Plaza
12.02 km away

Just across Bansud's Municipal Hall, the Municipal Park and Plaza is a spacious recreational ground that offers paddle boating (P10/boat for 30mins, good for two) and fishing (bring your own rod). Paddle boating takes place in the "Bangkaan sa Bansud" (translated as "Boating in Bansud"), a man-made lagoon which also hatches tilapia for fishing activities. Fishing with a net is prohibited. Other than the lagoon, the park's other features include a children's playground, an open amphitheater, and the statue of the Philippine National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. Entitled "Rizal, the Intellectual", the statue was sculpted by the National Artist Eduardo Castillo. Part of Bansud's 13-hectare municipal government center, the Municipal Park and Plaza is also an ideal place to jog, bike, or play for free while in the town proper.

Rosacara Rolling Hills
12.90 km away

Visiting Rosacara Rolling Hills offers a panoramic view of the bay (Tablas Strait) and the gently sloping hills of Barangay Rosacara. Paired with Rosacara River, Rosacara Rolling Hills is a laid-back place to spend a weekend to go camping, stargazing, and swimming. What makes this place distinct is the smell in the air. The hills smell of hagonoy, a variety of oregano that is known to disinfect open wounds and aids in its fast healing. The hills are mostly covered with tall grass, while other areas are being plowed with crops such as rice and corn. When viewed from above, the plow marks create an optical illusion where the hills seem to be swaying—thus, "rolling", where the hills got its name. An orchard of various fruit trees can also be found here, such as coconut, mango, lanzones, rambutan, calamansi, and banana.

Rosacara River
13.29 km away

Rosacara River is a good cool-down destination after exploring the Rosacara Rolling Hills on a midday. This wide river is swamped with various fish like tilapia, eel, catfish, and murrel. Turtles also inhabit the river. One of its features, the Batong Buyawa, is a rock that is shaped like the spine of an alligator. The locals built a hut near the Batong Buyawa where visitors can stay and have a picnic. Below the hut is a rock wall that's about 2-meter high and steady water of the river that is about 2-meter deep. The place is ideal for deep-water freesolo.

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Brgy. Buong Lupa, Gloria, Oriental Mindoro

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