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Target Island in Bulalacao Target Island in Bulalacao Target Island in Bulalacao
Also known as Alibatan Island, Target Island is a stingray-shaped island named so after Americans used the island for "target" bombing practices during the World War II. Exploring the island, you'd see bomb sites and jagged rocks broken into pieces. Privately owned, Target Island has cemented walkways that loop around it. The cemented pathway follows the coastline of the island, around its limestone cliffs, and towards a lake at the center of the island. The lake is teeming with mangrove, and serves as a breeding area for seagulls and sea turtles. From the top of the limestone cliffs, you'd see panoramic views of the lake, the island itself, and its beaches. According to its owner, visitors are not allowed to take photos and stay overnight on the island. Together with Aslom Island and Silad Island, Target Island makes a memorable island hopping activity in Barangay Milagrosa, Bulalacao.
Open: Everyday, 6am - 6pm. Takes 1-2 hours to explore.
Address: Brgy. Milagrosa, Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro
Fee: Free
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Nearby attractions

Silad Island
3.54 km away

Not to be mistaken with Palawan's Silad Island, the Silad Island of Bulalacao is a bone-shaped island with two corally white beaches and several rock formations. Privately owned, the island is quite small and has a few cemented staircases interconnecting its beaches, hills, and jagged formations. Silad Island is deserted, has no electricity, and no drinking water. It's not advisable to stay here overnight because of its jagged terrains and windy location. Boats could also get stranded during the rainy season. Together with Target Island and Aslom Island, Silad Island makes an excellent island hopping destination in Barangay Milagrosa.

Aslom Island
5.54 km away

Aslom Island gets its name from the Cebuano word "aslom", meaning sour, because of the abundance of sampaloc trees bearing the sour fruit. The island is one of the major destinations of the island hopping activity in Bulalacao. A 12-hectare private island, Aslom has three white beaches, one of which is a crescent-shaped sandbar that stretches about 500 meters. The two other beaches stretch about 200 meters and 800 meters respectively. The three beaches have coarse to corally white sand, and are interconnected through roads inland. The island is teeming with trees, with only two man-made structures: an unfinished resthouse and a tennis court. There are no other establishments or restaurants on the island. While the island is private, travelers can visit the place for free, although staying overnight is not allowed.

Milagrosa Hilltop View Deck
8.26 km away

Milagrosa Hilltop View Deck is an elevated platform along the highway of Barangay Milagrosa. Best visited during sunrise, this deck has a panoramic view of the islands Aslom, Silad, and Target. Lying next to this deck is a small abandoned resthouse. While there is not much to see or do here besides looking at the view, this view deck is an ideal rest stop on the way to or from San Jose, Occidental Mindoro.

Where to stay

Southdrive Beach Resort
Hotels and homes
12.16 km away

Southdrive Beach Resort is located on the southern tip of Oriental Mindoro and is a family-run business. We started as a small restaurant (South Drive Grill) in the peaceful municipality of Bulalacao as the small town gained popularity because of its pristine white-sand beaches and islets. We recognized the need for good food and accommodation and became one of the first hotels and restaurants in Bulalacao.

Getting there and around

Brgy. Milagrosa, Bulalacao, Oriental Mindoro

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