Mt. Halcon | Things to do in Baco-Oriental Mindoro

Mt. Halcon in Mindoro Island | Photo by Markie Aungon Mt. Halcon in Mindoro Island | Photo by Markie Aungon Mt. Halcon in Mindoro Island | Photo by Markie Aungon
Mt. Halcon is notorious among trekkers as one of the country’s toughest mountains with its rugged terrains and steep slopes, often made more difficult by the unpredictable weather. Rising at 2,586 meters above sea level, the peak of Halcon is the highest point in Oriental Mindoro. Taking about 4 days to climb, Mt. Halcon features arduous steep trails through dense jungles, ridges, waterfalls, and river crossings, with spectacular scenic views and exotic flora and fauna. Travelers are advised to physically and mentally prepare months ahead of time.
Open: Everyday, open 24 hours.
Address: Jump-off at Brgy. Lantuyan, Baco, Oriental Mindoro
Fee: P375/head, registration fee; P500/day, guide for a group of 7
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Nearby attractions

Karayrayan River and Kambal Bato Resort in Baco
6.79 km away

Karayrayan River flows at the foot of Mt. Halcon, and is surrounded by two nature resorts and a few Mangyan houses. The river gushes over boulders and small catch basins. The current is quite strong that you might get carried away. A steel hanging bridge crosses the river, going to a Mangyan village up the mountain. The bridge also used to be one of the jump-off points to Mt. Halcon. Karayrayan River has two nature resorts. Tagbungan Mountain Resort (P30/head) is a vastly landscaped resort with two swimming pools and an access to the river. Meanwhile, Kambal-Bato Mountain River Resort (P30/head) features a series of overflowing swimming pools, whose water rushes from Karayrayan River.

Whitewater Kayaking in Arigoy River
13.24 km away

Arguably the next big attraction in Oriental Mindoro, Whitewater Kayaking in San Teodoro is an exhilarating adventure for two hours. You can kayak down 17 rapids of the pristine Arigoy River, surrounded by the lush forest of San Teodoro. The activity requires reservation at least two days before your planned trip, with a minimum of 7 guests. On the day of your activity, you would have to assemble at the Tourism Office in the Municipal Hall of San Teodoro, where your group would register for P1,200/head and sign a waiver. The fee includes the transportation of the kayaks, the guides, safety gear, and the environmental fee. For guests who wish to kayak but not in the rapids, they may ride a one-man kayak in the calm portions of the river near the jump-off for the same fee.

Mangyan Heritage Museum
15.54 km away

Mangyan Heritage Museum is a modest two-storey museum inside Dolce Vita di Jo Resort, just 20 minutes away from Calapan City. The ground floor displays souvenir items and arts and crafts the Mangyans themselves made, and a few anthropology books on Mangyan culture. The second floor exhibits a collection of artifacts of Mangyan culture, underwater archaeological finds, and makeup of Mindoro’s underlying geological structures. Central to the museum are the artifacts of the Mangyan heritage. These include their mode of fashion, accessories, and ornaments, their musical instruments, hunting and kitchen equipment, and most importantly, their written language. The Mayan script is etched on bamboo such as their flutes and spears. On the other hand, the archaeological artifacts include bones, shells, pottery shards predating the Spanish regime, and porcelain bowls taken from Spanish galleon wrecks in the sea of Puerto Galera.

Getting there and around

Jump-off at Brgy. Lantuyan, Baco, Oriental Mindoro

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