Bangkal Furniture Market | Things to do in Makati City-Metro Manila

Bangkal Furniture Market in Makati Bangkal Furniture Market in Makati Bangkal Furniture Market in Makati
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Like stepping into your grandmother’s attic, walking into Barangay Bangkal in Makati City offers unique vintage treasures you can’t find anywhere else. Comprising a whole barangay, Bangkal mostly sells secondhand furniture and antique, from beds, cabinets, and dining tables, to vinyl record players, typewriters, instamatic cameras, and rotary phones. Residential apartments in Bangkal are turned into makeshift thrift stores, where big items are displayed outside, and small items inside. Each store offers a variety of interesting junk from the past. Some smell exactly like your grandmother’s attic, some smell like a moldy library, while some, the collective smell of used, old shoes. Aside from furniture and outmoded technology, other stores specialize in selling secondhand clothing, bags, books, toys, paintings, old music and movie records, and a host of other interesting things.

Address: Evangelista Street, Brgy. Bangkal, Makati City, Metro Manila

Open: Monday - Saturday, 7am - 7pm

Fee: Free