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National Planetarium National Planetarium National Planetarium National Planetarium National Planetarium
The National Planetarium located in Rizal Park Complex is the perfect place for astronomy enthusiasts. The planetarium is equipped with interactive displays, glowing backdrops, and space artifacts. It also holds hourly shows inside its dome. The shows are about scientific ventures into space, documentaries about celestial bodies, and breakthroughs in the astronomy world. The dome shape of the planetarium allows its spectators to see the films in 3D and get the whole feel of being in outer space.
Open: 8:30am–4:30pm (Tuesday - Sunday)
Address: P. Burgos St., Rizal Park, City of Manila, Metro Manila
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Nearby attractions

Rizal Park (Luneta) in Manila
0.15 km away

Built in 1902, Rizal Park was designed by American architect and urban planner Daniel Burnham. It was chosen to be the seat of American Government during the American Occupation. Its surrounding open spaces and gardens used to be a venue for the members of the elite class to socialize and host formal events. In 1913, Luneta was renamed Rizal Park, after the Philippines' National Hero and intellectual giant Dr. Jose Rizal. Rizal Park is now being revitalized as the largest urban park in Asia, with its historical monuments, gated ornamental gardens, family activities, and recurring free shows and events. The park has thirty (30) attractions and recreation areas, some of which have a minimal admission fee.

Club Intramuros Golf Course
0.17 km away

Opened in 1930, Club Intramuros Golf Course is a historic recreational site located within the walls of Intramuros. It is considered to be one of the oldest golf courses in the Philippines. This 18-hole golf is both treacherous and challenging, with most of its holes include water hazards, out-of-bounds, or both. A game could last for two hours, a perfect quick game to pass time. The amazing lush greenery paired with the rustical walls of Intramuros offers a new perspective into the beauty of Manila.

Puerta Real and Revellin Real de Bagumbayan
0.21 km away

Built in 1663, this gate played a huge part in big occasions and ceremonies. This gate is exclusively for the Governor-General and would be used for state occasions. The original gate faces the village of Bagumbayan, where Filipinos reside. The original structure was damaged during the British invasion in 1762 but parts of the present Puerta that we see today are the restored version that was built in 1780. More parts of the structure suffered wars and battles, especially during the infamous 1945 Battle of Manila. During the American occupation, some parts of it were refurbished into an aquarium and were also used as barracks during World War II.

Things to do nearby

Siklesa in Manila With Lost Juan
Cultural experiences
0.15 km away

  • Experience this fun and exciting Siklesa joy ride in Manila with Lost Juan and his gang! 
  • Activities include food tripping in Binondo, sightseeing in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Intramuros, spotting BGC's murals and art installations, and touring the world-class Mind Museum!

Intramuros Walking Tour by Don't Skip Manila
Cultural experiences
0.20 km away

  • Revisit your history lessons as you stroll along Manila's streets from past to present. (Read more)
  • Discover the Philippines' tragedies, tolerance, and triumphant recoveries from colonial influences
  • Visit some of Manila's oldest structures in Escolta 
  • Indulge in authentic Filipino dishes at Seascape Village for lunch, Manila's Seafood Paluto Market. 
  • Make your own miniature Intramuros (cut and build) while you learn about its story. (Buy this now)

National Museum Tour

  • Explore Philippine history through impressive collections of artifacts that date back from the prehistoric times up to the modern days.
  • Spend the day touring the three building of the National Museum complex (National Museum of Natural History, National Museum of  Fine Arts, and the National Museum of Anthropology)
  • See ancient artifacts like the famous 'Manunggul jars', Anito carvings, and weapons that shaped the Filipino culture to what it is today.
  • Marvel at the masterpieces by Juan Luna like the famous Spoliarium and the controversial The Parisian Life.
  • Witness the taxidermied body of Lolong, the 20-feet freshwater crocodile that used to be the largest in captivity.

Where to stay

Mabini Mansion Hotel & Residential Suites

The Mansion Group is a chain of serviced apartments owned and operated by Hotel Systems Asia, Inc.

The Mansion Group is proud of it's more than thirty years' experience in the serviced apartment industry, and aims to be the preferred choice for both business travellers and tourists

The Corporate Inn Hotel
Hotels and homes
0.41 km away

The Corporate Inn Hotel Manila has continually provided a top-notch service to get you everything you need- whether it’s for business, time off alone, or your loved ones we make sure our guests feel a sense of belongingness and experience an ambiance of “at-home” environment.At The Corporate Inn Hotel Manila, you’ll discover all the features you would expect from a business luxury hotel but with very reasonable rates. Our rooms and suites come with air-conditioning, LED TV, Wi-Fi access, as well as a hot & cold shower. In addition, the hotel also has a business centre, massage service, car rental, and ample parking space.When it comes to location, nothing comes close to the convenience we provide in ‘Fascinating Manila’. Popular destinations such as Rizal Park, National Museum, Walled City of Intramuros, the U.S Embassy, business districts, and entertainment hubs are all just short minutes from our hotel.So come and visit us here at The Corporate Inn Hotel in Manila, Philippines, where you will enjoy top hospitality and access to the best historic sites at immensely attractive rates.

The Luneta Hotel
Hotels and homes
0.43 km away

Housed in an exquisitely restored national landmark, The Luneta Hotel Manila offers the finest boutique accommodations, superlative dining experiences and thoughtful personalized service.The building, reminiscent of the French Renaissance architecture, first opened in 1918 in one of Manila’s most legendary addresses. After years of faithful renovation, the hotel reopened with a collection of 27 guest rooms and suites close to the city’s shopping, dining and cultural attractions.The Luneta Hotel is reborn and invites you to experience the timeless Filipino elegance. With its refined and discreet service, it’s a quintessential Manila experience you will never forget.

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P. Burgos St., Rizal Park, City of Manila, Metro Manila

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