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San Roque Church San Roque Church San Roque Church
The Parroquia de San Roque de Pateros (more commonly known as Pateros Church or San Roque Parish Church) is a quaint church under the Augustinian Order founded by Fray Andres Vehil in 1815. The church was named after its declaration as a parish of St. Roch (San Roque), but it is most famous for being a diocesan shrine for the town’s special patroness, St. Martha (Santa Marta).Due to natural calamities, much of the church façade was renovated with concrete and thick lumber, and the ruined third and fourth floors of the adjoining bell tower were reconstructed as well. Along with this, the original Spanish altar was replaced in 2014 with a European-inspired golden set although original parts of the church made from adobe (eggshell finish) are still intact and unaltered. Thick walls imbued with the bones of Pateros’ ancestors (usually of high standing in society) still stand as foundations of the old baroque church.
Open: Depends on Mass Schedule
Address: B. Morcilla St, Pateros, Metro Manila
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Balut is a duck embryo incubated for 14 to 21 days, traditionally by being buried in the sand, under the sun, and then stored in baskets to retain warmth. The ideal balut is 17 days old. It is best eaten fresh and warm. Enjoying balut in Pateros is the most ideal because this is where the “balut houses” are, especially those who still make balut the traditional way. Enjoying this delicacy is as much a cultural as it is a culinary experience. Outside of Pateros, it is sold by cottage industry vendors who roam the streets carrying a basket of balut at night, bellowing “Baluuuuuttt!!!” with their beautiful baritone voices. Eating balut is also an art: After cracking a hole into the egg shell, one must first slurp out the warm, flavorful, umami-filled broth. Then enjoy the three parts: the soft, yellow part with the texture of foie gras, which is in fact the egg yolk; a very hard white part that is the egg white or albumen; and the duck fetus itself. Some pop the whole egg in their mouth; the less adventurous eat only the yellow portion. It is best eaten with a generous sprinkling of rock salt. 

Bibingkang Abnoy
0.35 km away

Bibingkang Abnoy is a dish that is created from abnoy (short for abnormal), a variant of balut, i.e., duck eggs that failed in the incubation process to become balut due to too much heat or cold. The dish is similar to torta, a Filipino omelet made with eggs, tomatoes, onions and either ground beef, eggplant, or fish meat; except that this dish uses the abnoy instead of chicken eggs. The texture is reminiscent of liver pate although the dish is shaped like a pancake. It is rich, savory, strong, and for some, highly addictive. It is pungent so it is appreciated with spicy vinegar although those who love it say that once you get past the smell, there is something exotically attractive with its flavors that you cannot help but love it, especially when paired with steamed white rice and ice cold beer. Eat this in moderation, though, as it is very high in cholesterol!

Kalderetang Itik
0.35 km away

Kaldereta is a Filipino beef stew using cow’s meat, tomato sauce and liver spread. In Pateros, the meat is duck, specifically itik, a smaller-than-usual brown duck, not the white variety which is called pato. Unlike other kaldereta recipes, the duck meat here is fried first until golden brown, creating an even more flavorful meat for the stew. Using itik also makes for a very aromatic kaldereta with very flavorful meat whose soup is almost like a sauce, thanks to the incorporation of liver spread. It is an excellent savory dish that is popular both during town festivities called fiestas and simply as home-cooked dinner fare.

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