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Baliscar Island in Perez, Quezon, Philippines | Photo by Jay Ermitaño Baliscar Island in Perez, Quezon, Philippines | Photo by Jay Ermitaño Baliscar Island in Perez, Quezon, Philippines | Photo by Jay Ermitaño
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Baliscar is a one-hectare uninhabited islet in between the islands of Cagbalete and Alabat. The land is made entirely of jagged rocks, with a watchtower standing at the west. At the south, travelers can visit a cave during low tide and seek refuge from the sun. There is no shade on the islet, except for shadows cast by a tower. Aside from a quick visit, Baliscar Islet makes a perfect destination for birdwatching in the early morning or late afternoon. The islet is also a lair to sea snakes found sleeping among the rocks. The islet is best visited during Habagat Season (May to October), when the pacific waves are calm. During Amihan Season (November to April), the waves get choppy and anchoring a boat to the islet is almost impossible.
Open: Everyday, open 24 hours.
Address: Brgy. Villa Mansano Sur, Perez, Quezon
Fee: Free
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Nearby attractions

Alabat Cross
12.97 km away

This nameless 12-foot cross marks where the Alabat's old town proper used to be. The cross was part of Nuestra Señora del Carmen, a Spanish church built in 1882. When the location of the new town proper was declared, the church was transferred to the new town proper six kilometers away. The cross now serves as an important landmark in Alabat's history.

Pantay Cave
13.40 km away

Pantay Cave is but one of the 18 caves in Sitio Pantay in Alabat Island. The cave has a low-lying ceiling at the beginning, and gradually opens up to a colossal section as big as a church. Its ground is soft with fresh guano, and its ceiling are hung with thousands of fruit bats. A hill at the end of the cave leads up to a large opening, which can also serve as an exit. Most of the cave is dark and requires a flashlight. Exploring the cave entrance is only half of the adventure, however. To get there, travelers have to hire a guide from the community in Sitio Pantay. Afterwhich they would have to trek for 1.5 hours to reach the cave. The trail is crossed by many brooks. The trail is mostly shaded, with a steep ascent at the last 20 minutes.

Pulong Bato
15.09 km away

This long stretch of craggy beach faces the Pacific Ocean. While visitors are discouraged from swimming here due to the sharp rocks, the beach can be a dramatic subject for photography. Visitors are advised to wear rugged shoes as the rocks can be slippery.

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Brgy. Villa Mansano Sur, Perez, Quezon

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