Doña Aurora National Park | Things to do in Bongabon-Nueva Ecija

Loacted 100 meters away from the arch symbolized the boundary between Aurora and Nuevo Ecija, the park is rich in ravine and cliffs which is ideal for mountain climbing and hiking and for pleasure trip.  From the upper portion of the park going to Aurora province, one would notice the undisturbed forest downhill which is very ideal site for picknicking.
Open: Open Everyday
Address:  , Bongabon, Nueva Ecija
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Nearby attractions

Ditumabo Falls (Mother Falls)
13.71 km away

The grandest of all waterfalls in Aurora, Ditumabo Falls (also known as Mother Falls) stands at the height of some 140 feet. Its cold water gushes off from the highlands of Sierra Madre Mountain Range, freefalling into a wide rocky basin which serves as an ideal pool for swimming. Its proximity to the town of Baler makes it an ideal side trip to visitors.

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 , Bongabon, Nueva Ecija

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