Palasapas Falls | Things to do in San Jose-Nueva Ecija

Located in the outskirts of the city, in the Barrio Manicla, seven kilometers away from the Poblacion.  The site has a natural scenic beauty where once stood a forbidding forest. Its quiet existence enhanced only bt the sound of cascading waterfalls inadvertently concealed behind snarling tree branches and thick under growth.
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Address: Manicla, San Jose, Nueva Ecija
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Nearby attractions

Tayabo Nature Park
2.98 km away

This park is strategically located at the gateway of the Cagayan Valley.  A haven for picknickers and refreshing environment of numerous parks and gardens landscape on hills.  The river running its foothills is a summer destination. Climbing its hundred steps stairs, one reaches lamp-lit pagodas on hilltop offering a panoramic view of Northern Ecija.

Aloha Falls
8.80 km away

Surrounded by the green foliage and about 15 to 20 meters in height.  Aside from being the picnic grove, the site is also perfect for trekking and mountain climbing.

Pantabangan Dam
11.21 km away

The countries first multi-purpose infrastructure stands today as a phenomenon in Filipino feats.  Cutting across a rich valley floor, the Pampanga river was tamed for irrigation, generation of hydroelectric power and mitigation of flood damages.  It is considered to be a mainstay among tourist spots because of its domestic scenic ambience and the awesome engineering wonders which anyone can appreciate.  At the campsite, Guesthouse provides first class accommodation. These includes fully carpeted and air condition rooms, a swimming pool and other recreational facilities.  From its view deck, one can relax with a view of the 1.61 kilometers long dam which is 107 meter high from the river bed. A visit to the hydroelectric powerplant can be arranged.

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Manicla, San Jose, Nueva Ecija

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