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The house owned by the Novo Ecijano revolutionary leader Gen. Manuel Tino, built during the early commonwealth period, features orminate designs, turn of the century furniture and a life size image of the esteemed Novo Ecijano Don Kapitan Berong in stained glass.
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Address:  , Guimba, Nueva Ecija
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Nearby attractions

Philippine Rice Research Institute
8.46 km away

Located at Maligaya, Muñoz, Nuevo Ecija, Philrice is the central agricultural experiment station all over the country.  It was created to develop and implement a natural rice research and development program, sustains the gains mode in rice production and solve location-specific problems of the whole rice industry.  Its modern research complex consist of a two-storey research laboratory building and office, green house and headhouse, field service building, training facilities, dormitory and drainage canal. In addition to research equipment were computers and vehicles.  Japan International Cooperation Agency steer this project with the grant-in aid of $15.7 million.

Burburayok Springs
12.62 km away

Located at the foot of Mt. Amurong in Talugtug, this springs with its cool clear water are busy places during the summer months.

Talavera Eco – Park
13.87 km away

Another tourist attraction of the Municipality of Talavera is the Eco – Park.  The Eco – Park is truly an Eco – friendly park which have mini zoo, a kiddie ride called “Tren ng Bayan” which goes around the park, and most of the scenic ambiance because of its extra ordinary landscape surrounded by different plants and trees, with fountains and benches, tables ideal for a family bonding.

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