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Widely popular among the locals, Santong Lugar is a place of pilgrimage for religious enthusiasts and those who offer prayer to God. The story states that on May 1909, people were cutting woods and lumber when they failed to sell one of the lumbers they cut. One of the townsfolk took the lumber and brought it up the mountain. On June 4, 1909, when he cut the lumber, an image of the Virgin Mary accordingly appeared. Later on, this piece of lumber was brought to a chapel atop the mountain and was called Our Lady of the Virgin of Maulawin.   
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Nearby attractions

Saint Michael the Archangel Parish
5.94 km away

A bamboo church was constructed by Franciscan Father Saro where people could gather for catechesis and worship in 1676. The bamboo church was replaced by a church of stone more than half a century later, in 1733, and it was around this time that the parish is said to have welcomed the patron for their church and community-St. Michael the Archangel, protector of the people and of the land. The devotion to St. Michael is so strong to this day that the municipality of Jalajala is practically synonymous to St. Michael. 

Dragon Wellness Farms Inc.
7.76 km away

Dragon fruit or pitaya in the native language has been one of the famous products in Jalajala, Rizal. Sweet pitayas come in three types, all with leathery, slightly leafy skin:Hylocereus undatus (Pitaya blanca or White-fleshed Pitaya) has red-skinned fruit with white flesh.In a small town just an hour and a half drive from Manila, there's a two-hectare farm off the main highway of Barangay Palaypalay, Jalajala town in Rizal. 

Sanchez Agrifarm
8.02 km away

Sanchez Agrifarm is a 2-hectare land in Jala-jala, Rizal, and is relatively near and very accessible to the urban market. Apart from producing the common white-fleshed dragon fruit, Sanchez farm also boasts of its rare variety of red-fleshed dragon fruit. The Dragon fruit and all fresh produce of Sanchez Agrifarm is grown organically using natural compost and without utilizing chemicals, which makes the fruits taste better and healthier

Things to do nearby

Pagsanjan Falls Adventure
Local sightseeing
12.74 km away

​Experience shooting the rapids in Pagsanjan Falls, Laguna with your travel buddies and enjoy exciting boat rides along rapids surrounded by the lush landscape. Enjoy swimming around the waterfalls and in a hidden cave.

Where to stay

Casa Marina Bed and Breakfast
Hotels and homes
11.71 km away

Our home is located at the center of Pagsanjan Town very near quaint restaurants, bars and shops that line the historical town plaza. Pagsanjan is approximately 2 hours from Metro Manila and can be reached through Los Baños National Highway or Santo Tomas – Bay Connection Road. The latter being the longer yet more scenic as you drive through the foothills of Mount Makiling.

The property is a heritage home renovated to include modern conveniences. Great care was taken to ensure the home stayed true to the original. All the wood from the old house were rescued and those that cannot be reused were repurposed into furniture, shelves, flooring and paneling. Even the old furniture such as the Console TV, Tube Radio’s, Living and Dining Sets and Cabinets were kept and refurbished. The result is a well appointed, vintage home complete with all the modern amenities to make your stay convenient and memorable.

Welcome home and have a great time!

Caliraya Resort Club
Hotels and homes
14.42 km away

Get high on adventure at Caliraya Resort Club! Caliraya Resort Club, a 7.6-hectare of lush greenery, is a haven of adventure and heart-pumping activities nestled atop mountains of Caliraya in Brgy. Lewin, Lumban, Laguna, With its new and thrilling attractions such as the Wave Pool and Sky Bicycle, Caliraya Resort Club is the perfect resort for all adrenaline junkies and anyone of any age!

Caliraya Resort Club houses extreme team-building amenities with the Slide & Fly - a long slide that ends on a ramp boosting riders for a big splash at the pool, Super Slide - a 550-feet long gigantic slide, Sky Bicycle - bike on a cable suspended 80 feet above ground, and Wavepool - a swimming pool with huge waves like the ocean’s, being the newest addition along with other outdoor activities such as the wall climbing, rappelling, Zipline, Slide Pinoy, mud slide, zorb ball, water sports such as kayak, canoe, and a lot more! Enjoy the adrenaline as you anticipate an exhilarating quest at the resort with other waterfront, indoor and outdoor activities.

Caliraya Resort Club is an expansive resort with complete teambuilding amenities for your corporate events, seminars and a retreat venue for churches. A Team Building Venue is also available that can cater for up to 1,500 people. It provides a well-equipped space suitable for a wide range of activities such as seminars, conferences, receptions, etc.

Indulge your senses with relaxation with the comfortable hotel rooms, lake-side dorm-type duplexes and camp cottages, villa units complete with cable TV, hot and cold showers, single to quintuple sharing, comfy beds, work desks, lounge chairs, closets and luggage racks.

Caliraya Ecoville Recreation Farm

Caliraya Ecoville Recreation and Farm Resort is envisioned to be a premier agri-tourism center in Laguna wherein it promotes organic and aquaponic farming, farm-to-table lifestyle, integrated with amenities and activities that support relationship building and quality time with families and friends.
Originally designed to be a haven for anglers up on the hill of Brgy Caliraya, Laguna, the Caliraya Ecoville Recreation and Farm Resort is more than just a fishing destination but also a place for the family, young couples or friends to chill, relax and enjoy nature. This 7 hectare facility boasts of a 2 hectare fish pond, camp sites, nature trails, and various accommodations like: tents, native huts, dormitory rooms, a 20-room hotel, a function room and dining and indoor game area.Caliraya Ecoville Recreation and Farm is a perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life to get back to nature. One can bask in the cool and windy weather of Caliraya while enjoying Filipino comfort foods that are cooked using naturally cultivated ingredients.

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