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A vast collection of paintings, sculptures and other art forms conceptualized and made by independent and budding artists from Angono, the gallery is located at Balaw-Balaw Specialty Restaurant, where customers, visitors and guests alike, oftentimes enjoy viewing the artworks on display. 
Open: Open Everyday
Address: Doña Justa Street, Doña Justa Village Phase I, Barangay San Roque, Angono, Rizal
Fee: N/A
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Nearby attractions

Nemiranda Arthouse and Gallery
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A collection of famous artist ( Nemesio “Nemi” R. Miranda Jr.) paintings masterfully employing figurative realism in his artworks, portraying rural life and folkloric art on display. Also available are lectures, guided forms and painting workshops.

The Botong Francisco Museum And Street Murals
0.85 km away

The Botong Francisco Museum & Street Murals is just 10 minutes away from Blanco Art Family Museum. Botong (Carlos Modesto Villaluz Francisco) was one of the greatest Filipino visual artists and muralists. He was a most distinguished practitioner of mural painting for many decades and best known for his historical pieces. 

The Blanco Family Art Museum
0.87 km away

The Museum was founded by the renowned artist Jose “Pitok” U. Blanco. He was born on March 19, 1932 in Angono, Rizal. He was married to Loreta Patario Perez also from Angono and gifted with seven children namely Glenn, Noel, Michael, Joy, John, Kaye and Peter Paul who inherited the skills their father have. Even his grandchildren are reared and exposed to painting.The Museum is also divided into several sections according to the name of the artists and their artworks.  

Things to do nearby

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Local sightseeing
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Bonifacio Global City (BGC) is considered the best master-planned and most organized city in the whole Metro Manila. Amidst cool green buildings and fun green parks are colorful graffiti, art installations, and sculptures made by different local and international artists. Going on a bambike tour of the city is a great way to see BGC's hidden art pieces. You get to make new friends too!

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    Tipsy Tales Lambana – An Immersive Folklore Experience

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    • Descend into the world of Lambana where Filipino Folklore comes to life. Here, you’ll discover the heart and dark melancholy of stories that you have undoubtedly heard of before but never experienced.
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    Where to stay

    Thunderbird Resort Rizal
    Hotels and homes
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    Club Manila East
    Hotels and homes
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    Club Manila East (CME) is the premier getaway destination in the heart of the municipality of Taytay. It has been a favorite among families, couples, companies, businessmen, balik-bayans, barkadas, and any individual seeking a unique, fun-filled experience.The resort-hotel started off in 1999 with the Funtasy Lagoon, a 9,100 square gigantic pool for the adventurous guests, jazzed up with waterfalls, kayaks and surfbikes (water bicycles). The lagoon, which was a scaled down model of Laguna de Bay, hosted a kiddie pool and two adult pools: a sun-screened pool and another with a three-looped, 30-ft high slide. The surrounding day-tour cabanas, good for up to 20 persons and complete with shower and bath are named after the surrounding towns of Laguna de Bay.

    Loreland Farm Resort
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    Experience the grandeur of a 8 hectare land resort which you will cherish for its relaxing and unique ambiance. Loreland Farm Resort offers an ideal accommodations for business, leisure and family in breathtaking location amidst the rolling hills and green landscapes of Antipolo City. It is the best location for meetings, events reunions and weddings with an overlooking view of Metro Manila. 

    Loreland Farm Resort is the brainchild of an enterprising couple who delighted in the naturally sculpted beauty of the place and wanted to share it with the community. Today, in its more than ten years of existence, Loreland is a byword as "the place to be".

    Getting there and around

    Doña Justa Street, Doña Justa Village Phase I, Barangay San Roque, Angono, Rizal

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