Pulang Lupa Historical Park | Things to do in Torrijos-Marinduque

Located in high in the mountains of Pulang Lupa, this park offers a sweeping panoramic view of the eastern seaboard of Marinduque. The bloody gun battle between the Filipino revolutionaries led by Col Maximo Abad and the American Volunteers led by Capt. Deveraux Shields resulted in one of the very few victories won by the Filipinos over the Americans. The Americans officially admitted their loss as recorded in the American War Archives. Today an obelisk, a NHI marker, and a concrete retablo marks the place.
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Nearby attractions

Marinduque Wildlife Sanctuary
4.19 km away

Marinduque Wildlife Sanctuary covers almost 9,000 hectares of timberland in Central Marinduque. This forest zone is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, such as the endangered Rufous Hornbill (Rufous hydrocorax), the giant cloud rat (Phloeomys pallidus), and endemic species of butterflies, reptiles, insects, and birds. The western block is the Balagbag mountain range that rises up to 801 MASL, while the eastern block is Central Marinduque range with the highest elevation of 845 MASL. These areas are excellent mountaineering and trekking sites. All areas are accessible through interior barangay roads that go inside the timberlands.

Poctoy White Beach
7.89 km away

Poctoy White Beach is the only white beach area in mainland Marinduque thats offers a stretch of more than a kilometer of fine white to grainy cream sand. The place is complimented by available modest accommodations for overnight travelers and more than a dozen native huts for rent. It also has a good view of Mt. Malindig from the beach area.

Marinduque Hot Springs Resort
9.87 km away

Marinduque Hot Springs Resort is a privately owned mineral hot spring resort that offers five different swimming pools and modest accommodations, parking area, camping area, and cabanas just 400 meters upstream of the Malbog Sulfur Springs.

Things to do nearby

Relax at Sulphur Hotspring in Marinduque
Local sightseeing
9.90 km away


Explore Peace-Loving Marinduque
Local sightseeing
16.59 km away

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Caving Adventure in Marinduque
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