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One of the most ideal and secluded coves of the province, Balanacan Cove witnessed the long history of Marinduque. The location was chosen by the Spanish Admiralty as the construction and repair facility of the Spanish navy. The galleon "San Juan de Bautista" and almirante "San Marcos" were built on this cove. During the closing of World War II in 1944, two of the four Imperial Japanese Navy warships camouflaging in the cove were sunk by the American dive bombers form the USS Intrepid, killing thousands of Japanese. Two Japanese shipwrecks can be found under 140 feet of water for advanced wreck divers to explore. Today, Balanacan serves as the main gateway of the province both for commuter traffic and commerce. The small islets that dot the surrounding area are ideal snorkeling, scuba diving, and picnic sites.
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Nearby attractions

Luzon Datum of 1911 National Landmark
2.90 km away

This rock marker was established in 1911 by the US Coast and Geodetic Survey as the Geodetic Center of the country. It features a hole drilled inside an etched triangle in diorite rock outcrop at the top of the highest hill (272.42 MASL) in Brgy. Hinanggayon. The provincial government of Marinduque, DENR, NAMRIA developed the area and was inaugurated in 2011. It is located with an almost 360-degree view of Tayabas Bay, Mompong Pass, and Tablas Strait. It is managed and maintained by the local folks as a Community-Based Eco-Tourism Program.

Bintakay (Camarines) Cave
4.09 km away

This cave is located in the oldest limestone formation of the province in Brgy. Bintakay, near the historic battle site of Camarines. It is a rocky projection which was used by Filipino revolutionaries during the Spanish-Filipino war. This cave features wide chambers, tight squeeze passages, insect bats, and beautiful speleothems. It can be accessed by a 25-minute uphill trek from the Barangay Hall. This cave was assessed by the PCAT as Class II and is included in the recently held 14th National Caving Congress.

Boac Cathedral
10.38 km away

Boac Cathedral was one of the oldest built heritage of the province. Constructed around 1590, it was designed with earthquake baroque architecture. It is located on top of a hill surrounded by high stone walls and bulwarks. Inside the enclosed compound is the original site of the "Ina ng Biglang-awa" shrine.

Things to do nearby

Sailing the Serene Islands of Marinduque
Island hopping
7.88 km away

Enjoy a day island-hopping three breathtaking islands in Marinduque! Rent tried and tested boats from the locals and explore get into the island vibes with the emerald tourquoise waters and lush trees of the Philippines' most peaceful province. Then, go back to a delicious lunch already prepared for you. Here in Explora, our partner travel and tours are screened to deliver the top services we can find in the Philippines. Secure your slots in advance for these can soon become fully-booked!

Journey to the Center of the Philippines
Local sightseeing
7.88 km away


Marinduque: Culture and Heritage
Local sightseeing
7.88 km away


Where to stay

The Boac Hotel
Hotels and homes
10.40 km away

Welcome to The Boac Hotel

The history of The Boac Hotel was conceived way back during its inauguration in December 9, 1967. Originally, to cater to the accommodation of the new investors for Mining Executives and of course to the Domestic Travelers, my brother and I envisioned that since the mining firm will start the development of the project, during its construction period, they need a place to stay for their executives and their constructors.

The Boac Hotel, fronting the Archbishop Palace of Diocese of Boac, started with the construction of a wooden two story building for a ten (10) bedroom accommodation and only equip with an electric fan and electric power was supplied by the house generator and run for a few hours at night.

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