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The beach is white and seen from afar, the panorama is simply superb. The whole stretch of Soboc Cove continues to beguile visitors with its unspoiled beauty, an asset which the locals within the area are guarding zealously.
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Address:  , Viga, Catanduanes
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Nearby attractions

Nahulugan Falls
9.53 km away

An awesome wonder, Nahulugan Falls beautifully cascades on three tiers, creating spectacular sprays. It is surrounded by lush vegetation and forest. The water is clear and cold owing to the huge trees that filter the sunlight. Large nest ferns sit on the branches of these trees throwing in some shadows, giving the whole area a mystic touch. Every now and then winged seeds would fall twirling around into the water.

Panay Island
11.48 km away

Panay Island is radiant and enticing. There are several rock pinnacles jutting up from the sandy bottom. Crevices, tunnels, and caves characterize the massive underwater rock formations. It features amazing walls, drop-offs, and overhangs where hundreds of glass fishes swim in safety.

Loran Ruins
14.09 km away

Standing for Long Range Aid to Navigation, LORAN is a former American naval base built around the early 1950s as an outpost to monitor movements in the Pacific Ocean. Abandoned in 1972, the camp was then used by local coastguards in 1980 and was again abandoned. The former US Coast Guard facility station is no longer operational, but for the locals who used to be civilian employees, it is a continuing saga.

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 , Viga, Catanduanes

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