Nahulugan Falls | Things to do in Gigmoto-Catanduanes

An awesome wonder, Nahulugan Falls beautifully cascades on three tiers, creating spectacular sprays. It is surrounded by lush vegetation and forest. The water is clear and cold owing to the huge trees that filter the sunlight. Large nest ferns sit on the branches of these trees throwing in some shadows, giving the whole area a mystic touch. Every now and then winged seeds would fall twirling around into the water.
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Address:  , Gigmoto, Catanduanes
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Nearby attractions

Soboc Cove
9.53 km away

The beach is white and seen from afar, the panorama is simply superb. The whole stretch of Soboc Cove continues to beguile visitors with its unspoiled beauty, an asset which the locals within the area are guarding zealously.

Puraran Beach
12.18 km away

Puraran Beach is the most famous beach in Catanduanes and is listed as one of the top surfing locations in the world. The surfing area also features a magnificent view of mountains and coves. Photo enthusiasts could get a perfect view of the sunrise in this area. For holiday seekers, this is a place for total relaxation, communing with nature, and simply, rejuvenation and serenity.

Binurong Point
15.24 km away

Emerging as the province’s most stunning tourist attraction, Binurong Point places its viewers in a picture-perfect panoramic paradise emphasized by the breathtaking cliffs, hills, and Pacific Ocean view. Located in Brgy. Guinsaanan, Baras, Catanduanes, it can be reached by 20-30 minutes of trekking. The perfect time to go there is druing sunrise.

Where to stay

Puraran Surf Beach Resort
Hotels and homes
12.19 km away

Located in Baras, Catanduanes, Puraran Surf Beach Resort is the home of the well-known “Majestic” waves with the awesome long-barrel-type surf.

Puraran Beach House
Hotels and homes
12.26 km away

Unwind and get close to nature at this Holiday home in Puraran, Baras, Catanduanes. This place invites you to take a breather away from the hustle and bustle of the city, while still offering you the basic amenities you need. Whether you’re looking for a new adventure, in a new town or a quiet respite from your busy schedule, this relaxing getaway has you covered.

Majestic Puraran Beach Resort
Hotels and homes
12.31 km away

Majestic Puraran is a small intimate beach resort located directly on the ocean against the serene background of tropical mountains. We have just six accommodations to ensure that you have a very private holiday. We deliberately retained the solitude and simplicity of the island way of life, which is one of the reasons the facilities are just very basic.What we do have, however, is the natural and untouched beauty of nature, sunrises that will take your breath away, incredible nature walks, boat trips to a secluded waterfall and cave, and of course, the “Majestics”. Our small capacity and friendly staff guarantee your privacy and personal attention. Couple, family or backpacker seeking a peaceful island retreat, nature trips, adventures, seeking a romantic getaway, or a unique cultural experience, we are the place for you.All accommodation is within a few steps from the beach.

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