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Blue Cathedral is a majestic wonder, a cathedral-like structure underneath the ocean. It is surrounded with flower-like plants that resemble a garden. Blue Cathedral’s top is a 20-meter diameter hole at a depth of 20 meters. Then as you descend into it, there’s a sliding slope that leads to its two caverns—the North and East caverns.
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Address: General Luna, Siargao Island
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Nearby attractions

Cloud 9
3.55 km away

Cloud Nine is popularly recognized as the primary surfing destination in the country, earning the province the title “Surfing Capital of the Philippines”. Its powerful 9 wave formation challenge surfers during the annual International Surfing Cup held every September. Its waves combine the best quality features of the top-rated waves of Hawaii’s fable “pipeline” and the top-billed waves of Indonesia. Its huge and powerful rollers have been ranked among the world’s top five breaks. It is rated the world’s 8th best surfing site by CNN Travel.

Naked Island
4.72 km away

Naked Island is a bare mound drifting in an open sea, accessible only during low tide. It was named such because it is stripped of luxury trappings and coconut trees. There is only white sand and some hard corals on one side. The translucent and shallow coast around it is perfect for swimming activities.

Magpupungko Rock Formation and Tidal Lagoons
5.40 km away

Surrounded by limestone and granite sculptures facing the Pacific Ocean, Magpupungko Rock Formation and Tidal Lagoons reveal pools of assorted shapes and sizes resembling basins, barrels, tubs, and ponds during low tide.

Where to stay

Punta Punta Surf Retreat
Hotels and homes
2.95 km away

We’re all looking for something. a bit of magic that lights us up, the perfect wave, that feeling. Our mission is to be your partner in crime.  To hold your hair back. To push you into that wave. We promise to give you everything you need to dive head first into the adventure of your something. With the backdrop of teal pealing waves, palm tree shadows and sun-kissed sunsets, Siargao is where you find your freedom. 

Every adventure starts somewhere…and yours starts here. Nestled between a sleepy local village full of groms waiting to give you a high five and the deep blue Pacific Ocean, lies Punta Punta Point. Not long ago, this piece of paradise was accessible only by jungle road or private boat (still our preferred method of arrival), however, it remains a little secret – close to the action and far from the noise. From our plunge pool, you can see the epic barreling waves at Cloud 9 and within minutes you can be at the best bars and restaurants General Luna has to offer. Yet, you won’t hear more than a rooster’s crow or splashing waves during your afternoon massage. Punta Punta is the best of both worlds. Far away, but so close.

The recipe for adventure is a simple one but the ingredients are critical: an appetite for new experiences, an openness to the unknown and fuel to motivate you to keep going. And that’s where the guest-only bar café at Punta Punta comes in. We offer an inclusive healthy, adventure-fuel breakfast menu, as well as organic and locally-sourced made-to-order lunch and dinner. Grab your grub and join us around the bonfire for a dinner picnic!

More than just another place to stay, Punta Punta brings together like-minded people with a sense of adventure and a passion for the water. The natural beauty of Siargao is the perfect backdrop for your creativity and inspiration to flow. Punta Punta was born from the convergence of the thirst for a sense of home amidst a place of adventure. We have learned to thrive off the small joys in life and hope you take home a slice of the island life with you.

Kesa Cloud 9 Hotel & Resort Siargao

Welcome! to Kesa Cloud 9 Resort. Situated directly in front of the world famous Cloud 9 surf break, Kesa Cloud 9 Resort was established in 1995, making it the longest running resort on Siargao Island. The resort is owned and operated by Kevin and Sara Davidson. Kevin first visited the Philippines in 1986 and surfed extensively in the northern part of the country for six years. In 1992 he explored Siargao Island and surfed its coastline for the next 3 years, most times with only one or two other surfers. An opportunity arose to establish the resort in 1995 and Kevin has successfully managed the resort since then.Having undergone extensive renovations over the past four years and the building of a brand new restaurant in 2008, Kesa Cloud 9 Resort is simply the best place to stay on Siargao Island. The views over the lagoon and Cloud 9 are breathtaking and resort’s gardens and surrounds are meticulously maintained.Kesa Cloud 9 Resort has been built with consideration for all budgets. Rooms range from deluxe aircon to standard fan rooms, with all rooms having spectacular views over the Cloud 9 surf break.

Siargao Sunset Bay Beach Villas

Unwind and get close to nature at this beachfront property in Siargao Island. This place invites you to take a breather away from the hustle and bustle of the city, while still offering you the basic amenities you need. Whether you’re looking for a new adventure, in a new town or a quiet respite from your busy schedule, this relaxing getaway has you covered.

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General Luna, Siargao Island

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