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Guyam Island, GL
Across General Luna Beach is an inlet with powdery white sand and a cluster of coconut trees. It can be reached by pump boat in less than 10 minutes. It offers a good view of the incredibly powerful waves of Siargao Island. The best feature of the island is the stunning view of sunset!
Open: Open Everday
Address: Guyam Islet, General Luna, Siargao Island
Fee: Free
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Nearby attractions

Daku Island
2.70 km away

Daku Island features powdery white sand, palm-fringed beaches, and well preserved marine flora and fauna. The water around the island is great for snorkeling, fishing, and scuba diving—a complete hide-away in this part of the Pacific. It is situated in between the two smaller islands of Guyam and Naked. It is named “Daku” (Visayan) which means “big” because it’s the biggest of the three islands.

Naked Island
4.27 km away

Naked Island is a bare mound drifting in an open sea, accessible only during low tide. It was named such because it is stripped of luxury trappings and coconut trees. There is only white sand and some hard corals on one side. The translucent and shallow coast around it is perfect for swimming activities.

Cloud 9
5.39 km away

Cloud Nine is popularly recognized as the primary surfing destination in the country, earning the province the title “Surfing Capital of the Philippines”. Its powerful 9 wave formation challenge surfers during the annual International Surfing Cup held every September. Its waves combine the best quality features of the top-rated waves of Hawaii’s fable “pipeline” and the top-billed waves of Indonesia. Its huge and powerful rollers have been ranked among the world’s top five breaks. It is rated the world’s 8th best surfing site by CNN Travel.

Where to stay

Lubihan Siargao
Hotels and homes
2.11 km away

Amidst a coconut grove, this place is conveniently located at the main area of General Luna, Siargao. It is a three-minute walk to the public beach, and within walking distance of restaurants and bars. Cloud 9 and the Siargao Boardwalk are a mere 5 minutes by motorcycle. 

Kermit Surf Resort Siargao
Hotels and homes
2.67 km away

Located at the heart of the tropical oasis Siargao Island in the Philippines, Kermit aims to give you an island experience like no other, all at an affordable price. Even when serving the best Italian cuisine in the island, we still make sure to give guests a full local experience through island tours, surfing and activities promoting eco friendly and sustainable initiatives. We are also home to the best local surfers in the island who share the stoke through surf lessons and packages.

Isla Cabana
Hotels and homes
2.82 km away

Indulge in the comfort of luxury in one of the best resorts in Siargao. With its minimalist Asian contemporary architectural design, Isla Cabana Tropical Island Resort will charm you with its simplicity and beauty. Patterned after the famous nipa huts, the high-ceilinged cabanas offer a breath of fresh air with outdoor landscapes perfect for Instagram posts.?The resort is known all over the island for its elegance and sophistication with its infinity pool, spa, kayak, beach bar, pool table, fitness gym, and an amazing beachfront. Experience the Siargao magic at Isla Cabana -- your home away from home.   

Getting there and around

Guyam Islet, General Luna, Siargao Island

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