Saint Christopher Parish Church | Things to do in Bangar-La Union

Saint Christopher Parish Church in Bangar
It was built between 1695-1698, but was damaged by an earthquake in 1880. It is the only church in the country with three belfries. The convent was also damaged by an earthquake in 1855, but was reconstructed in 1586, and completed in 1873. The church has a massive facade with baroque, renaissance, and Muslim features.
Address:  , Bangar, La Union
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Nearby attractions

Bolikewkew Terraces
8.36 km away

Located at Delles, the majestic sight of rice fields depicts the town’s main livelihood which is farming. It has an area of approximately 1 hectare. It is best visited during the months of October to December when the rice grains have turned to gold.

Saint Catherine of Alexandria Parish (Shrine of Namacpacan)
9.53 km away

The year 1690 saw the birth of a new town as idyllic in its formation as its name implies. Situated along the fringes of Northern La Union coasting the West Philippine Sea, it was named Namacpacan to glorify the native's trait of hospitality. Residents showed this hospitality towards the people of neighboring towns who previously retreated to into thick forests when they were persecuted by the colonizers.

Pebble Beach
11.05 km away

Discover the mystery this beach holds. The colorful pebbles that adorn this shore are believed to be a gift from heaven, and the unending supply of these has become a source of livelihood of the locals. Standing prominently along the beach is the ruin of the centuries-old watchtower which played a significant figure in the province's history.

Where to stay

Villa Elita
Hotels and homes
5.14 km away

Villa Elita Hotel & Resort is a 4,306 square meter oasis located at National Highway, Brgy. Ipet, Sudipen, La Union bordering Ilocos Sur. Started as a family vacation house with nipa huts and 6-feet oval infinity swimming pool, this paradise opened its doors to the public in April 2006.?In 2007, the hotel of 2 rooms, resort and a small restaurant started to serve as a peaceful retreat and stop over for guests. In 2008, 6 more rooms and 3 nipa huts were added. Catering services and events venues were eventually offered not only to the local guests but to foreign clients as well. A year after, continuous expansion to 14 hotel rooms was realized and the popularity of the establishment consistently grew.?Currently, Villa Elita Hotel & Resort has 27 hotel rooms and 3 conference halls over looking the whole villa and boosting a panoramic view of the Amburayan River of Ilocos Sur.?Because of the peaceful and serene atmosphere the establishment offers, Villa Elita Hotel & Resort has become a relaxing haven for local and international guests visiting La Union, Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte.

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