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Shimizu Island is now a favored lunch spot for island hopping tours, and you’ll likely be having your midday meal here along with hordes of other tourists. Interestingly enough, the charming island actually has a rather dark past. Its name actually came from a Japanese diver whose body was found in an underwater tunnel on the island. Grim history aside, the coral reefs off Shimizu’s coast are home to lots of colorful fish, making it an ideal spot for snorkeling too.
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Nearby attractions

Secret Lagoon
0.94 km away

There’s almost always a long queue at the entrance of this particular lagoon and on a day when the weather isn’t its best, it may not be worth it to endure the wait, But when the conditions are perfect, you won’t regret passing through the tiny entrance to see this lagoon, which is as charming as it is small. A few interesting rock formations (guides like to point out a crocodile) and the light blue water make for a pretty picture. The real draw may be the beach beside the lagoon, which is as quaint and pretty as a beach can get.

Big Lagoon
1.74 km away

El Nido’s Big Lagoon will make you feel small – but in the best way possible. As the name suggests, it’s the biggest of the several lagoons that are open to tourists in Bacuit Bay. Best experienced by kayak, the lagoon itself will at one point look and feel endless – with the limestone formations and blue-green waters going as far as the eye can see. It is this vastness that makes it so special. For a few memorable moments, the lagoon itself can even feel empty, as though Palawan itself is speaking to you through its natural wonders which are ancient and still undeniably alive.

Small Lagoon
1.96 km away

Even at its most crowded, El Nido’s Small Lagoon is a sight to behold. The exact aquamarine shade of its waters couple with the dark grey imperiousness of its limestone formations bring an otherworldly quality to the scenery, rendering you awestruck even as you are surrounded by tourists. Getting into the small lagoon is an experience in itself – after navigating through throngs of people by kayak or swimming, you go through a low limestone archway and paddle or swim a bit more before you find yourself in the natural chamber formed by the limestones. It may require a bit of physical exertion, but once you get back out, you can reward yourself with a cold beer or fresh coconut from one of the “mobile bars” (basically kayaks selling refreshments) that frequent the area.

Things to do nearby

Flying Through El Nido's Zipline
Outdoor adventure
8.98 km away

For an extra-scenic adrenaline rush, try out this zipline. It’s a bit of a trek (and uphill at that) to the starting point, but you’ll want to wake and warm your muscles up anyway. After all, you’ll be flying across the sky at top speed, and that’s something you’ll want your entire body to be alert for. 

Experience Cooking Exotic Filipino Food
Cultural experiences
9.00 km away

Hands-on culinary experience to curious and foreign appetites-FILIPINO COOKING CLASS. This is a one of a kind experience in El Nido that will not only share our most traditional and celebrated Filipino recipes, but a way for you to also get a taste of our Filipino culture, literally! Because the best way to get to know our culture is through our food!

El Nido Island Tours
Island hopping
17.86 km away

  • Discover the clear waters of Miniloc Island, where you will find three breathtaking lagoons
  • Soak up the sun and relax on the white sand beaches of Shimizu island
  • Relish a delcious grilled lunch on the beach
  • Snorkel in the pristine waters of Seven Commando beach, and get a chance to see a few sea turtles!

Where to stay

El Nido Resorts Miniloc Island

El Nido Resorts’ Eco-Discovery island resort, Miniloc, offers guests with a back-to-basics Filipino coastal village vibe with rustic or native design. In Miniloc, guests can swim with the 1.5-meter jack fish and get up close and personal with a variety of marine species just at its house reef. Miniloc Island is also a gateway to discover and explore the popular attractions around Bacuit Bay, such as the Big and Small Lagoons and Snake Island.

The Birdhouse El Nido
Hotels and homes
8.53 km away

After honeymooning around the world for nearly 18 months Mark and Camille intended on going to Austria for one last expat job before settling down in the Philippines. In September 2015 they visited El Nido as tourists, came back in October as investors, and a month later became residents. Purchasing some raw land a few kilometers from town in a gorgeous location, they decided to nest and build The Birdhouse. With Camille’s background in interior design and Mark’s mind on real estate the two put their passions together to create a home and a place for hosting travelers looking for an alternative setting compared to the traditional accommodation set up. During your migration to El Nido they look forward to welcoming you to their slice of paradise, share stories and meals, and introduce you to the form of glamping!

The Birdhouse is a small boutique glamping hotel unique to its location on the Maremegmeg Beach, El Nido. The property currently offers 3 luxury suite tents on large stilt platforms with a private bathroom. Mark and Camille, along with Karen their cousin and manager, live in the mother nest (aka the main house). Part of mother nest also serves as a common area for breakfast, coffee, and relaxation.

Milangrace Inn
Hotels and homes
8.83 km away

MilanGrace Inn is a family owned and operated hotel located in El Nido Palawan that has a total of 40 rooms. We offer not only room accommodation but also customized and affordable tour packages suitable for travelers of all ages and nationalities.

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