Balon ni Santong Jacob (St. Jacob's Well) | Things to do in Dolores-Quezon

Balon ni Santong Jacob (St. Jacob's Well) in Mt. Banahaw, Dolores, Quezon | Photo by Jay Ermitaño Balon ni Santong Jacob (St. Jacob's Well) in Mt. Banahaw, Dolores, Quezon | Photo by Jay Ermitaño Balon ni Santong Jacob (St. Jacob's Well) in Mt. Banahaw, Dolores, Quezon | Photo by Jay Ermitaño
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The descent to St. Jacob's Well takes about three to five minutes of crawling, and requires a flashlight. Upon reaching a small clearing inside, you'd have to climb down a steel ladder to reach the water. Submerging one's self in the water is believed to cleanse the mind and soul.
Open: Everyday, 6am to 6pm. Open on holidays. Takes 3 to 4hrs to explore together with the other pilgrimag
Address: Brgy. Sta Lucia, Dolores, Quezon
Fee: Free
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Sandwiched in between two rock walls, Jerusalem is where devotees light candles and pray for healing. One of the smaller rocks in the area is said to have the profile of Jesus Christ's face looking up. Two tablets inscribed with the 10 Commandments lie next to one of the walls.

Kweba ng Husgado (Justice Cave)
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Kweba ng Husgado (Justice Cave) is notorious for testing one's purity of spirit. Unrepentant sinners are said to have difficulty crossing the cave tunnel, regardless of their size or weight. Spelunking here takes an hour, requiring a flashlight. Visitors would have to crawl through most of the way and watch their head for limestone.

Sta. Lucia Falls
0.78 km away

Sta. Lucia Falls marks the first destination of pilgrimage sites at the foot of the mystic Mt. Banahaw. Getting to the river and the falls requires a 276-step descent, which can be back-breaking for children and old people. The gate to the staircase is marked with stalls selling candles, amulets, herbal medicines, and snacks. Travelers may join the ritual of mystic folks by buying a candle and an amulet. Light the candle as an offering to a religious statue along the river, and have the amulet blessed among the falls. Along the river are three religious icons, namely that of San Miguel, Petra Mentral, and Jesus Christ. To the right of the riverbank are two showers of water, so-called "falls", named Tubig ni Ama (Water of Father) and Tubig ni Ina (Water of Mother). Devotees believe that drinking the water or washing one's self here can relieve ailments in the body.

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Brgy. Sta Lucia, Dolores, Quezon

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