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Visiting Quezon wouldn't be complete without taking a shot of lambanog. Lambanog fires up the throat, runs scorching down the belly, and leaves a sweet coconut aftertaste in the tongue. At 80 to 95 proof (40 to 45% alcohol), lambanog is a popular hard liquor in the Philippines notorious for punching first-time visitors to sleep. Also called coconut vodka, lambanog is made from distilled tuba or coconut wine. It begins as the sap bled out from coconut palm, and fermented into coconut wine for three days. After which, the coconut wine goes through a natural process of distillation until the desired 90 proof alcohol content is attained. The result is white liquid that range from clear to obscure. The liquid is naturally colored when added with fruits for flavoring. In Quezon Province, drinking lambanog is part of a communal ritual called tagayan. In the ritual, each member of the group takes turns at drinking lambanog from a single shot glass, which is refilled by the tanggero. Such rituals are made to foster friendship or family, start a courtship, discuss problems in the barangay, and even bargain for loans. Being the lambanog capital of the Philippines, Quezon is replete with coconut plantations and lambanog distilleries. The three major distilleries in the province are the Mallari, Buncayo, and Capistrano Distilleries, all of which are found in the town of Tayabas.
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Nearby attractions

Riding the Skates in Quezon
0.03 km away

Traveling on the tracks of the Philippines' longest train railway, skates are makeshift carts that run at 10 to 20 kph on a small motor. They are light enough to be lifted by two people and are big enough to carry about 10 passengers. When loaded to maximum capacity, skate drivers say one cart can carry up to 16 passengers. At P10 to P15/head, visitors can aboard a skate and go sightseeing in the town of Plaridel, Gumaca, Lopez, Calauag, or Tagkawayan in Quezon. Some of the views include rice fields, mountain ranges, ravines, and small communities. Often, a skate would rattle down a narrow fenceless bridge overlooking a steep plunge down a river. Scary! Because skates are informal public transports with no permit and safety precautions to operate, travelers are advised to ride at their own risk.

Luminous Cross of Grace Sanctuary
7.54 km away

Built in 2004, the Luminous Cross of Grace Sanctuary stands at 120 ft high, made of glass, steel, and concrete. It is shaped like a chalice, a reminder of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist for the salvation of man. To enter the tower, visitors have to sign a logbook and read the reminders: strictly no taking of photos inside; no footwear, shorts, and sleeveless shirts. Inside, visitors and pilgrims alike walk barefoot on its stone staircase. The stairs spiral up to 12 floors. The first 10 floors portray biblical murals and life-size dioramas of Christ's Passion; the last two make up the glass dome, comprising of a view deck and a chapel. The top floors are cool and windy, with magnificent 360-degree views of the town of Agdangan. Mass is held here every first Sunday of the month, at 8:30am and 2:00pm.

Siain Port
8.58 km away

Siain Port used to be an international port in the 1970s to 1980s when residents of Plaridel shipped off copra to Western countries. Now, the port merely serves as a fishing and hang out area for the locals. A lighthouse can be found near the port entrance. The waters surrounding the port is home to more than 100 types of fish. The most common include tanigue, banlug, bulihos, salingasi, sibo, and salasa. What's funny is that these types of fish take on different names once you reach the town of Gumaca, only a few kilometers south of Plaridel.

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